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How to Avoid iPhone from Getting Disabled

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How to Avoid iPhone from Getting Disabled

There are some settings that you can tweak to avoid your iPhone getting disabled.

Disable Tap to Wake and Raise to Wake Options

Your iPhone turns-on the screen when you tap on it or raise the device. You can disable these two settings from the device. So, you can’t accidentally switch on the device in the pocket.

tap to wake
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Open iPhone Settings and navigate to Accessibility -> Touch -> and disable Tap to Wake option. Now, head to Display and Brightness and disable Raise to Wake option.

Reduce Auto-Lock Time

Reduce auto-lock time on your iPhone to 30 seconds to turn off the screen after an inactive time. Open the iPhone Settings and move to Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock and move back the auto-lock time to 30 seconds.


Use Complex Passwords

You can use the complex password that is more than four digits to unlock the device. Opt for a longer password so that someone doesn’t accidentally mess up the device.

Fix the iPhone Disabled Error

As you can see from the list above, one can easily restore the iPhone using the PC or Mac. If you don’t want to mess with USB cables, then consider using ‘Find My Phone’ on the iCloud.com. Above all, invest in a password manager to never forget the passcode of the iPhone. Which trick did you use to bring back the iPhone from death? Sound off in the comments section below.

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