How To Earn Every Week?


How To Earn Above 2000 thousand naira per day – Make Money Online

1) a user can watch just one video per day and earn his amount(#150), he doesn’t really need to finish watching it, once he opens the video, he has earned his money

2) a user can share just one video per day and earn his bonus(#200)

3) a user earns when he logs in daily(#100)

4) a user earns when he refers another user(#1400)

5) a user can learn premium skills like crypto trading and the rest with his earnings

6) a user can cashout his/her affiliate earnings twice in a week with a minimum of #1000 in ref bal(Sundays and Wednesdays)

7) a user can apply for his VM points every 25th of the month with a minimum of 15000 points and get paid

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