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How to Earn Passive Income Online – Make $15 Daily – Crypto Investment

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Instant payments via smart contract to your wallet

100% of the turnover becomes the income of the participants

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A community where each other helps to make money, and the distribution of capital is clear and fair

What is the Meta Force?

The META FORCE system belongs to our Community and is fully decentralized , which means it is transparent, secure and resistant to external influences.

A smart contract is a self-executing algorithm (program code). It guarantees the transparency and security of executing logic or transfers within the blockchain.

The platform Force is open and available to everyone. The process of entering the community and starting to make a profit is so simple that you only need a laptop or a smartphone with an Internet connection. Develop matrix platforms and invite partners to the structure, for which you get remuneration in POLYGON cryptocurrencies.

No risk – META FORCE is different from other platforms, transactions are processed in a blockchain by a smart contract and cannot be changed or stopped even by the creators. Transfers go directly to participants’ personal wallets with no hidden fees or use of third-party resources. Which means that every reward earned belongs entirely to the individual and can be used immediately.

How Do I Start Earning With The Meta Force?

Millions of people are currently earning every day and shares some below and at end of this page…

Join WhatSapp Group  and Telegram Group… – Learn how to trade Crypto

Create a wallet and fund it with DAI and a little MATIC (to pay transaction fees). Meta Force works with MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Register on the site.If someone invited you, use his referral link. Check that your upline is correct.

Activate levels in Meta Force systems to increase your income. Each system has a different number of levels.

How Does It Work?

Force is a platform that combines a referral program and an automatic algorithm for distributing affiliate rewards. The affiliate links in META FORCE are transparent: they are tied and thanks to the referral link you can see who invited whom, or who is a upline and who is a downline partner. It is not must to refer, you can still earn through spillover without referring.

The META FORCE has three matrix plans (Classic, Boost and UniteVerse). All 3 plans have a different logic of the location of partners in the structure and the accrual of rewards. Each matrix consists of several levels, to which you can move and get even more profits. The levels are activated only one by one, one by one, and the activation of each next level will cost twice as much as the previous one.


The Force of the Classic program is in its simplicity. The effectiveness of which has been tested over a long distance.

Matrix s6

Two-level matrix

Income comes both from personal partners and from the spillovers of other participants.

Profit 300%

Matrix s3

Single level matrix

The fastest profits for active participants.

Profit 200%


An upgraded system that is suitable for beginners and experienced participants alike



Boost is designed for those who want to make a powerful leap in income growth and are ready for hard work. Boost combines all the best of the best.



Join Meta Force Via Digital Global Team

Digital Global Team is a team that fast track your earning journey in META FORCE BUSINESS. We contribute immensely to the growth of your team depending on the platform of your signing up membership package.

Levels of Membership Package

Lv1      Pre_launch     After_Prelaunch
1                             $5                      $10
2                            $10                    $20
3                            $20                    $40
4                            $40                    $80
5                            $80                    $160
6                            $160                  $320
7                            $320                  $640
8                            $640                  $1280
9                            $1280                $2560
10                          $2560                $5120
11                           $5120                $10240
12                         $10240              $20480

The levels above run from 1 to 12. Currently, the pre-launch prices are ongoing for the next three weeks after which the prices will double.

What are the benefits of FORCE?

Features Of Meta Force

Metaverse and Web 3.0
Classic +Boost  Program
Force Coins
Traders clubs

If you will not be interested in this program probably because it looks like a referral business to you, do it because of the huge opportunity you will loose if you miss it.

I can identify two huge projects embedded into this opportunity and i will want you to research on them before you turn your mind finally against this.This is more than the CROWD FUNDING Program. This is bigger than what you are seeing.

    In the history of coins, the community usually determines the usability and hence the price. The community of FORCE COIN is already counting OVER 6m USERS even before the coin is listed. PLC Ultima did not have this community and its price went up from 0.10 USDT to 1,000 USDT in 3 months. The price of PLCU is increasing steadily, and by April 2022 had already surpassed the mark of 92,000 USDT. Learn more here.

  • NFTs
    This is another huge project the Meta Force creator, Mr Lado, embedded inside this crowd funding platform. If you miss out from this NFTs opportunity, it is going to be a great loss on your path. Find out more about NFTs.



       Slot (Lev 1) =             5 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-2) =      15 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-3) =      35 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-4) =      75 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-5) =      155 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-6) =      315 USD
       Slots (Lev 1-7) =      635 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-8) =     1,275 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-9) =     2,555 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-10) =  5,115 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-11) =   10,235 USDT
       Slots (Lev 1-12) =  20,475 USDT

      Slot (Lev 1) =           10 USD
      Slots (Lev 1-2) =      30 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-3) =      70 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-4) =      150 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-5) =      310 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-6) =      630 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-7) =       1,270 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-8) =      2,550 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-9) =       5,110 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-10) =   10,230 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-11) =     20,470 USDT
      Slots (Lev 1-12) =    40,950 USDT


All the testimonials below are happenings that took place between 24 – 48 hours of the pre-launch events. Many testimonies counting!
The pause is to enlarge the capacity of the platform.
Get your wallet funded in preparation for the second pre-launch shortly. Meta Force is real!

Amazing testimonies of one of our powerful leaders, the MetaForce couple 💑 ❤. This testimony took place in less than 24 hours after Meta Force was pre-launched. Meta Force is real.

You have no excuse if a student could buy herself an iPhone just after 24 hours of the first pre launch.. leave your comfort zone it breeds stagnation… Join the Meta Force now

1.7 million made in 16 hours will you join or you want to remain broke again kill that pride and make money with me here

IN LESS THAN 48 HRS 1.1 million Naira Earned in few Hours😳😳 this is not A ponzi scheme , but a Smart contract built on a MLM BLOCK CHAIN… this is my teammates Earning… ….


The moment you are coming in with at least level 5, we promote your link using our ads rotator. This benefit is different from the spillover everyone enjoys as team mates.
Click the button below to set up and fund your trust wallet now!

trust wallet now!

Here is Whatsapp Group for discussion

Join WhatSapp Group  and Telegram Group


Some Members Earnings Best and fast paying direct to your account Crypto ecosystem ever…

Join WhatSapp Group  and Telegram Group… – Learn how to trade Crypto


Join WhatSapp Group  and Telegram Group… – Learn how to trade Crypto

Getting ready for a META FORCE business, the following Apps are necessary;

  • Trust Wallet/or Token Pocket/or Metamask -Your assets will be kept on any of your preferred wallet.
  • Binance – You will need binance for funding.

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet.

Your asset is safe and secured here as long as you dont make your keys known. Download and create your wallet. Ensure you write down your 12 keys.

Click here to download trust wallet now

Copy This Referral Link For Activation:  https://meta-force.space/r/i7Vi9c1Rt1

Step 2: Add the two coins needed for your transactions.

  • (PoS) Dai Stablecoin
  • Matic  Polygon

Make sure the two coins are the POLYGON versions. And please, switch all other coins off to avoid being confused.

Step 3: Download Binance And Get It Verified

To get this business done without an external interference, you will need a binance account set up. Download binance on playstore or apple store and get it verified. Give attention to the video below;

Step 4: Fund Your Wallet

 You can fund your wallet either by buying usdt on binance and converting it to Matic Polygon before moving it to trust wallet.

NOTE: I can assist with the purchase of USDT without an additional charges.You may talk to me about it. (100% Safe).

Step 5: Activate Your Account.

  • Copy the Link –  https://meta-force.space/r/i7Vi9c1Rt1
  • Paste the Link in your Dapp browser (Trust wallet)
  • You’ll see an Ethereum logo by the top right corner, click on it and change it to Polygon
  • Tap on Signup now
  • Connect wallet ✅
  • Approve your transaction by clicking “Confirm” to register your ID and wait for transaction to success ✅
  • After Registration, Select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE”

You have been registered and activated levels successfully ✅

Copy your referral link and pass it on to your downlines.

Step 6: Can We Work Together For 90 Days?!

Do you know that this business has the potential of re-writing your story. It did for some persons before in the form of FORSAGE. Wait, till tomorrow, FORSAGE still exists. Find out, LADO developed forsage with Ethereum and that was the problem. The price of Ethereum went up and people found it difficult to fund more smart contract account while the GAS FEE was also a threat. This same developer created META FORCE  now with DAI STABLECOIN under POLYGON to solve the ever fluctuation’s problem within the old system. As it is launched, the creator of Meta Force can no longer influence any of its process because it is built inside the blockchain. Note that, this business is NOT a pyramid scheme. It is a smart contract procedure.

Team Work – We Are Digital Global Team.

Activate Slot 5 And Enjoy The Following;

  • A Cap With Force Label
  • 2 Days Ads Rotator
  • A Social Media Page will be created for you to promote your business.

Activate Slot 6 or 7 or 8 and Enjoy The Following;

  • A cap And a t-shirt
  • 1 Week Ads Rotator
  • A social Media Page
  • 2 slot 3 Activation

Activate Slot 9 And Above and Enjoy The Following;

  • In addition to 2 a,b and c,  3 slot 5 activation.

NOTE: Screenshot and upload your registration page for me on WhatsApp.

Referral Link:    https://meta-force.space/r/i7Vi9c1Rt1

Join The Moving Team Now!
Join Digital Global Team Today!!
Join Force without a second Thought Now!!!

Technology is making life more meaningful, improves productivity... We are tech lovers...


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