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How to Make Money through Online surveys Get paid with PayPal

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Research has prove that online surveys are the best way to earn when it comes to earning online. There are many means by which these online survey websites pay the user but getting paid through PayPal is considered to be the fastest and safest method.

So, here we compiled a list of websites that offer online surveys that pay through PayPal to make it easier for you to get started as soon as possible. They are the best websites in the industry that offer PayPal payment after completing surveys.


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A list of the paid survey without Swagbucks included in it is incomplete. Swagbucks is the most preferred paid survey website. The website offers a survey section and offers section. Though the surveys seem to be an easy option, most of the users make money through offers section.

Besides surveys and offers, the website also provides many ways to make money and different bonuses. To start earning, Click Here


The MyPoints is most of a shopping portal that let you buy things online an earn points on them.

On successful purchase of an item the portal emails you the survey which again earns you the points and these points can be redeemed in different ways. For details, click here.

Opinion Outpost:

When it comes to online paid surveys, the Opinion Outpost is one of the sites you can rely on and trust on. This site is considered to be one of the very straightforward sites to use. The portal emails you few surveys with offering surveys in their dashboard that can long for a week.

Something really favorable about this survey site is that it pays through PayPal and has low minimum cash out at $10. This makes the site more preferable by the freelancers.


The SurveySpot is the sister company of Opinion Outpost. The SurveySpot and Opinion Outpost are two distinct survey panels that are run by the same market firm, which means that the legitimacy of the Opinion Outpost is the same for its sister company the SurveySpot.

Both the websites offer the same features, but many times you may encounter a scenario where the same survey is posted on both the websites. And since you can take one survey just once, so whenever you try to enter the same survey on the other website you will be immediately screened out of it. This is something you just need to be aware of.

Pine Cone Research:

 This is one of the highest paying survey websites online and also one of the most exclusive and looking for specific demographics to join. So, this website screens you to be eligible before you participate in the survey.

But don’t let this aspect of the website discourage you. Give it a shot with all your authentic efforts.To join or take the surveys on this website you don’t have a sign-up form you will need to find the link on the browser that directs you to their website.

Again, you need to use the link that matches your age and sex. There are specific links for different age groups, so make sure you click on the right link to visit the PineCone research.


Earlier the iPoll was called as SurveyHead, but after the rebranding of their mobile app, the name iPoll has become very popular. Besides their mobile app, they also offer plenty of websites on their dashboard to let you earn the money. iPoll offers a $5 cash bonus for just signing up to their website.

Wrapping Up! 

Besides the above list of websites that offer online surveys that pay through PayPal, you may find many other websites that pay you for online surveys. Find the right one for you and get started with earning at your comfort space.

Happy Earning!

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