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How to Overcome smartphones with non-expandable storage

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Do you guys know smartphone brands since past couple of years have realised the fact that as app sizes and the files downloads increase, users with smartphones featuring 16GB or 32GB inbuilt storage (or any other handsets without microSD card support) face a good amount of space crunch. This goes for both iPhone and Android users. While buying a new handset is the best option and the easiest, it is not cheap. But there are ways through which you can survive with limited storage smartphones. And it won’t cost you a dime.

Android/iOS: Delete unwanted download files
Yes, make sure you delete those files. There are certain email attachments or some other files that we often download. One can get rid of that as those files stay unused after some time. They will always be there in your emails so you can delete it from the smartphones.

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Android/iOS: Save no images/videos on your smartphone
One can also delete those clicked images and videos from the smartphone and rely on services like Google Photos as it gives you virtually unlimited storage space for such content to back up.

Android/iOS: Delete apps if not needed

You can check which of the apps you haven’t used in a while and might not be using in near future, and simply uninstall them from the handset. This can free up a large amount of space as the cache files saved for the app are also out.

Android/iOS: Delete videos downloaded via streaming app
While deleting images and videos shot using the handset is one of the solutions, the other one could be deleting videos that you have downloaded via the streaming apps. There are certain apps that let you download episodes and moves for offline viewing. That can be removed one viewed.

Android: Clear that cache
Android users need to give special attention to the cached files. If you don’t clean it up regularly, the handset can save several GB worth of cached data, which is something you may not want. This can be cleared from the Settings app.

Android: Use ‘Lite’ versions of apps

Since Android is a platform that has the most number of ‘Lite’ versions of apps, for instance, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite and more, one can use it instead of the regular apps that take more space.

iOS: Delete all unwanted iMessage images at once

As for the iOS users, they can simply delete all the images and videos others send them on platforms such as iMessage. iOS users can tap and hold an image inside a thread, tap on the ‘more’ option at the bottom and delete all the images at once.

iOS: You can delete pre-installed apps

Yes, unlike what Android smartphone OEMs offer, Apple gives you a chance to uninstall pre-installed apps such as Podcasts, iBooks, Reminders and more. Uninstall them, save some extra space. This feature is present for iPhones running iOS 10 or later versions.

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