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How to Use Google Maps directions without unlocking your iPhone – See Tricks

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Google’s Maps has become an integral part for those who are always on the move. The navigation app from Google comes really handy whenever one is commuting. However, people often feel the hassle of opening the app in order to find directions. But there is an easy way out if you have an iPhone. Yes, iPhone users can use Google Maps without unlocking their iPhone.

The Google Maps lockscreen widget works as a shortcut and enables the users to use the app without unlocking the iPhone. The widget screen on the iPhone can be used without unlocking the phone and allows users to access the directions without opening the app.


Firstly, the users need to swipe left from the main lockscreen of their iphone. After this, the users will be able to see the display with all the installed widgets.


Now, to add a widget for Google Maps, users need to scroll down to the Edit button placed at the bottom of all the installed widgets.


After clicking on the edit button they will notice a new screen with the list of availale widgets. Now scroll down to the widget of Google Directions.


Now tap on the Add symbol of green colour in order to add the Google Directions widget to the Today view on the Widgets screen. After this tap on the Done button placed on the top right corner of the screen.


Now you can see the Google Maps widget at the bottom of your widget screen.

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Users can now check the directions and time estimated for any placed searched on Google Maps without unlocking their iPhone. Users can follow the turn-by-turn directions with the help of the scroll arrows placed on the Google Directions widget.

In case you wish to remove, then you can go back to the same screen by tapping on the edit button and then click on the red minus icon from the list of already installed widgets. Once done click on the Done button placed on the top right corner.

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