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How Ultimate Ears BLAST app now supports grouping with up to eight speakers

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It now clear back in April of last year, Ultimate Ears announced that its BLAST and MEGABLAST Bluetooth speakers would be receiving a number of features that they really should have come with out of the box. Nearly a year later, one of those features — grouping — has finally been added with an update to the BLAST companion app.


Pair up to 8 BLAST and MEGABLAST speakers for louder, more immersive sound!

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This update is the first one in over three months, and grouping seems to be the only addition. Basically, you can daisy-chain up to eight BLAST or MEGABLAST speakers together to create a surround-sound effect, which could actually be pretty handy in certain scenarios. When you think about it, though, the odds that you’ll be able to gather eight BLASTs together are slim to nil. It is a nice idea, though.

The few BLAST owners out there should be able to update via the Play Store. If you’re having issues with that for whatever reason, you can grab the latest “BLAST & MEGABLAST by Ultimate Ears” APK from APK Mirror. I’m not sure where I put my BLAST speakers, but if you happen to have more than one, please let us know how well the feature works down below.

BLAST & MEGABLAST by Ultimate Ears

SOURCE: Developer: Logitech Europe S.A.

Price: Free

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