IBEDC warn customers against short cut over meter collection


The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, has appealed to its customers to go through the proper channel and avoid fraudulent activities in meter collection.

The Chief Operating Officer of the IBEDC, John Ayodele, stated this during a town hall meeting held in Abeokuta on Thursday.

Ayodele while reacting to the complaints of some stakeholders and customers at the meeting over the estimated Billings, said, the company would put a stop to it with the Meter Asset Provider, MAP.

The Chief Operating Officer said the company has pegged the collection of a single-phase meter on N38,325, while a three-phase meter cost N70,350 with Value Added Tax included.

Ayodele said ” IBEDC management is committed to ensuring that it’s over 988,915 customers have meters with ease at a going of N38,325 for a single-phase meter, while a three-phase meter cost N70,350 with Value Added Tax included.

“Ibadan Disco also appeals to its customers to go through the proper channel to avoid fraudulent activities, as there are no hidden charges, no processing fees and no application fees of any kind.

“Customers are to apply for MAP application form after which a technical evaluation of the customer’s apartment is carried out, then the customer gets a MAP identification number.

“This MAP identification is all that is required to pay at any bank in Nigeria. Meters are then installed in customers premises 10 working days after receipt of payment.

MAP scheme, according to him, was established under the MAP regulation 2018 and introduced by the regulator, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to put a stop to the incessant complaints over estimated Billings by customers.

Ayodele said the scheme would bridge the metering gap and accelerate meter roll out to enhance revenue generation.

According to him, the meter providers drawn from the Nigerian private sector are licensed by NERC to encourage the development of independent and competitive meter services.

He said, ”the MAP scheme is not only for the provision of meters but, also responsible for the installation, maintenance and replacement of faulty meters”.

While explaining the method of operation of MAP, Ayodele disclosed that seven-meter vendors have been assigned to cater for the customers across its franchise areas which cover Ogun; Oyo and Osun states.


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