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ICloud web version works in web browsers on iOS and Android

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Apple has implemented iCloud.com support for web browsers on iOS and Android. Users can access the “Photos”, “Notes”, “Reminders” and “Find iPhone” sections.

There are several restrictions for the mobile version of iCloud. So, users will not be able to create a new list for reminders: adding notifications is only available in existing lists. The “Photos” section allows you to view and delete pictures, as well as copy the shared link, however, according to the reviews of the service, it sometimes gives an error when trying to upload new photos.

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The Find My iPhone section actually detects any connected Apple device. You can view the battery of the gadget, the function of erasing the memory and transfer to “Lost Mode”.

An additional menu “Account Settings” shows how much memory is left in the cloud storage and offers external links to Apple ID, language settings and formats.

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