Inside The Most Expensive Cruise Ship in The World

In March 2018, the cruise line debuted the world’s largest cruise ship, the 228,081-ton Symphony of the Seas, which follows the previous record holder, Royal Caribbean’s 226,963-ton Harmony of the Seas.

But according to CEO Michael Bayley, a ship’s size is a function of the company’s desire to pack enough dining, entertainment, and lodging options to make all of its passengers happy — not a goal in itself.

In this video, we step inside the world’s biggest cruise ship currently, and you are going to love it.

Let’s get it on. After spending the first six months of her life in the Mediterranean, the world’s largest cruise ship at 228,081 tons, Symphony of the Seas arrived in the United States in Miami; also, the headquarters of parent Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

Cruising, in case you haven’t been keeping score, is a big business.

The company employs over 75,000 people worldwide, including 2,200 on its new flagship. Between its Royal Caribbean brand, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, and other holdings, the company generated nearly 8.8 billion dollars in revenues in 2017.

Inside The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship The Largest Cruise Ship in The World


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