Inside The Muraka – The World’s First Glass Underwater Hotel

November 2018, one of the greatest architectural marvels opens its doors in the South Asian small island of Maldives. Not even the regular fishermen at the Indian Ocean island ever imagined an happening like such.

Still, it has come to pass, the world’s first-ever underwater hotel residence has actually been built. Named ‘The Muraka,’ the 5-star hotel is located in Conrad Rangali in Maldives.

The groundbreaking 2-story villa is unbelievably submerged 16.4 feet below the sea, audaciously combining architecture, design, and technology in a way that the majority would have only stamped as a day-dream.

The Muraka, which loosely translates to the ‘coral’ in Maldives local dialect Dhivehi, is by far the most outstretched landmark in a nation that only has 500 thousand people.


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