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Instagram CEO explains why there is still no iPad version

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Instagram has existed since October 6, 2010 and since that date,  the application has always been present on the iPhone, but never on the iPad.

Adam Mosseri  who is the current CEO of Instagram answered the question of a curious user to know why the social network has been snubbing the Apple tablet for all this time!

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Instagram on the iPad? It is not for now. This is a question we have all asked ourselves. Why can’t I have Instagram on my iPad? There is always an unpleasant side to having to take your iPhone when you want to check the new stories.

In a short answer, the CEO explained why until today social network developers have never worked on an iPadOS version. According to Adam Mosseri, there are not the resources necessary to develop both on iPhone and iPad.

He pointed out that there is still a lot to do to improve Instagram. The social network prefers to focus on the iPhone rather thanless effective in iPhone updates. However, Instagram is not completely closed to an iPadOS version: ” We would like to create an application for the iPad, but we have only a few staff and a lot of things to do, and it is not yet the best thing to do “. As you can see, some people like Parker Ortolani are so impatient to have Instagram on their iPad, that they go so far as to create an app concept .

The only solution currently to go to Instagram via the iPad, remains to go through Safari or any other internet browser .

A few years ago, there were many third-party applications that offered an alternative experience to an official version, but the social network stopped everything by deliberately changing its API so that these third-party apps ceased to exist.

Which is really a shame, since hundreds of thousands of people used these apps, even if a third-party app never really replaces the official version. We do not know if in the near future Instagram will decide to recruit more people to enlarge its team and dedicate staff to the creation of an iPadOS version, even macOS! After all, we have the right to dream …

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