iOS 14.2 Beta 4 vs iOS 14.1 Speed / Performance Test…

iOS 14.2 Beta 4 was released yesterday. Later than normal, not to clash with the release of iOS 14.1.

So I was not able to put out a video on Beta 3, so this will be interesting to see if there has been some progress since Beta 2.

Beta 4 is now on a “a” build number (18B5083a) which means that it is ending its time as a beta, soon to become a GM or a final release.

Beta 4 is now also on a weekly release schedule, so we can expect Beta 5 early next week, most likely Tuesday. But only Apple knows.

Well time to see if there has been some improvement, especially in HTML5 and the Geekbench performance. Time to test.

Speed / Performance Test of iOS 14 vs iOS 13.7

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