iOS 14.2 RC Battery Life Performance / Drain. Finally moving in the right direction

iOS 14.2 was released by Apple as a release candidate this time, not as a GM. It looks like in the future Apple will be naming the final release that goes out early to developers Release Candidate before it is pushed to the general public.

So like the GM this is very likely the same version that we see when it goes public later this month. This video was shot 4 days after iOS 14.2 was installed, so it had time to settle in. I have seen many comments that it takes about a week for battery performance to optimize itself after an iOS update.

I have always been skeptical of this statement as I have never personally had bad battery life right after I update.

If I restore and download backup from iCloud well then that is another story. So I decided to run the battery test 5 days after I updated them. In those 5 days they were just idling with power connected.

So let’s run the battery test again, and see if we will get some different results this time around.


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