iOS 14 Battery Life Review – From The Community!

ios 14 Battery Life Review | How iOS 14 Beta Battery Life & Battery Drain is! The community’s iOS 14 Battery Life is a mixed bag… some are having great iOS 14 Beta battery life, whereas other people are having horrible iOS 14 Battery drain. It seems that iOS 14 Battery Life can be great for some people, whereas others in the community cannot handle the iOS 14 Beta Battery Life. Me personally, my iOS 14 Battery Life varies between device. On my iPhone X, the iOS 14 Beta battery life is amazing! However, on my iPhone SE, my iOS 14 Battery life is horrible! The battery drain from iOS 14 Beta 1 is too much to handle. In 1.5 hours my battery life is from 100% – 0 & my battery health has dropped! How is your iOS 14 Battery Life? Let me know in the comments!


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