iOS 14 – Top 30 HIDDEN Features!

iOS 14 Features hidden by Apple! Learn iOS 14 Beta features which no on is talking about! Want to learn new iOS 14 Features which are hidden in the iOS 14 OS? This iOS 14 Features video is for you! I have complied the top 30 iOS 14 Features which are hidden! This means unliked other iOS 14 Features videos, you probably won’t know most of the iOS 14 features listed out in this video! This video covers 30 hidden features with iOS 14. If you know more iOS 14 Features hidden in the OS which you think I should cover for a part 2, let me know your hidden iOS 14 features in the comments! iOS 14 was a major upgrade to iOS operating system, and it shows. Unlike iOS 12 which improved performance, iOS 14 heavily focuses on new features in the iOS operating system!


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