iOS 14 vs One UI – Which Has Better Navigation?

iOS 14 vs One UI- Which Has Better Navigation?

Hello all and welcome to the Apple iOS 14 vs Samsung One UI 2.1 comparison video.

In this video we will discuss Apple’s new iOS 14 navigation by comparison to Samsung’s One UI navigation to help you discover which has the better navigation for 2020.

If you have tried out Apple’s new iOS 14 Beta, please consider sharing your experience as well as any bugs with the community below that you have discovered.

As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.


  1. I have used both iOS and Android for the past several years. For the last 2+ years, I was using an iPhone, I also played around with iOS14 — it’s better but still not that good. I recently switched to Android (One UI) and I am loving it. Android is so much customizable. So many choices and you can make your phone just the way you want it. You can’t do that with an iPhone. The one area iOS would always be better than the Android is the Apple Ecosystem. I may stay with Android for a very long time.


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