iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2 on iPhone 4S

Today Apple released the final version of iOS 8.3, saying goodbye to iOS 8.2 which has only been out since March 18th?.. Go figure. I have again made the comparison videos on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 still using identical devices freshly restore with iOS 8.3 and loaded with the same backup. Apple promises performance updates in the release notes.

So I am excited to see if there is much improvement to show this time around, so far all the beta versions have been very promising.

After having concluded the tests, and played around with the devices it is clear that 8.3 is an improvement over iOS 8.2. It feels much more snappy to use than iOS 8.2.

Both on iPhone 4S, and even though it does not show as much also on the iPhone 5. So for sure if you are on iOS 8.2 you should upgrade. If you are still on iOS 7.1.2 you should still consider if it is worth it. iOS 7.1.2 does still outperform iOS 8.3.

So no reason to upgrade unless of course you have an iPhone 5, and plan to get the Apple watch. Or plan to stay Jailbroken.

On a side note : I have been on iOS 8.3 beta versions on my daily iPhone 6 plus, and after having updated to the final release it is WAY more speedy than before.

I really notice it in almost every aspect. So folks, looks like 8.3 is a winner, at least judging it at this early stage.


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