iOS vs Android 2020!

iOS vs Android 2020! Hello all and welcome to this mid 2020 video comparison of the latest version of iOS 13.5.1 vs Android 10 June 2020. The intentions of this video is to provide you with a detailed look at many of the core differences and features of each operating system. We don’t cover every single feature in this video, but we do cover many of the core experience differences. iOS for iPhone has come a long way but the core functionality remains similar to its introduction way back in 2007. Android 10 is far different from the original days of Android software, but which one comes out on top will depend on a few factors! Check out the video to find out which you are more leaning towards in 2020. If you have iOS phone or Android phone, please share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and questions below with the community 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.


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