iPhone 11 is (almost) PERFECT in 2022…

The iPhone 11 was a massive success for Apple in 2019, but now that we’ve moved on to 5G phones with OLED screens, does it still make sense to buy an iPhone 11 in 2022?

With dual cameras on the back, a “Liquid Retina” display on the front, and the lack of 5G inside, the iPhone 11 might look like a bad purchase at first glance.

But when we dig a little bit deeper, we find an excellent camera system + chipset combo, amazing battery life, and just about the best price you can ask for.

So that’s what we explore in this video, along with an answer to the main question: should you still consider buying an iPhone 11 in 2022 – and if you have one now, should you sell for an iPhone 12 or 13?


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