iPhone 12 Mini is a Successful Failure?

iPhone 12 Mini is a successful failure – Hello all and welcome to my Apple iPhone 12 Mini discussion on where the future is headed for the Apple iPhone 12 Mini.

There has been much buzz around cuts in production of iPhone 12 Mini and how this iPhone doesn’t sell as well as the other iPhone 12 Series phones.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini launched alongside the iPhone 12 Pro max back in November with a 5.4″ Super Retina XDR OLED display, Apple A14 Bionic chip, iOS 14, 4GB of ram, and a 2227 mAH battery.

If you have the iPhone 12 mini, please consider sharing your experience with the iPhone 12 mini up to this point to help those out in the community discover if this might be there next phone.

As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.


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