iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 12 Pro Max vs S21 Ultra vs Huawei P50 Pro vs Xiaomi Mix 4 Charging Speed Test

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest battery in iPhone history, but still charges at 20W… So how does it stack up against the iPhone 12 Pro Max (20W), Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (25W), Huawei P50 Pro (66W) and Xiaomi Mix 4 (120W) in this Charging Speed Test? – Which Phone do YOU Think WILL Charge the FASTEST?

Note, ALL of these phones have a wattage CAP meaning they cannot charge faster with a higher wattage that’s not supported by that specific device. For example, the iPhones are CAPPED at 20W, if you were to use a 65W charger with it, it would still charge at 20W.

If that 65W block doesn’t support the iPhones V=A reading then it will revert to 5W and therefore charge even slower. Be smart, buy an official charger.


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