Is Chrome Killing Your MacBook?

Google Chrome might just be thrashing performance on your Mac. And I’m going to explain why, how, and most importantly — what you can do about it.

And I’m going to do it, right now. Because… this is a breaking controversy, with some people ready throw Chrome in a burning trash fire and others saying there’s no proof, and even talking about it is reckless and shameful. But I think talking about it in a fair and upfront and as reasonable a way as possible is how we get to the truth, so hit the subscribe button and bell, so you don’t miss a single update.

Because this is going to be fire. See, all year I’ve been incredibly frustrated, maddened even, by similar problems and had similarly tried everything I could think of.

It was especially bad when I was up all night trying to finish my embargoed video reviews for the iPhones, Apple Watch, Macs, and everything else released this year. Literally up all night, watching Final Cut Pro performance plummet, wasting hours, precious hours, rebooting, uninstalling pluggins, just everything imaginable.

And I just blamed macOS Catalina for it, because Catalina seemed to be one of those painful transitional updates that everyone was blaming for everything. So, I tweeted out my complaints about it, about whether PKD, the plugin manager demon was causing it, whether WindowServer itself had gone rogue or gone bad.

I even took the rare-step for me and bugged a few friends at Big Fruit. And never got any satisfying answers or solutions. So, I’m trying out what Loren Brichter has suggested — removing Chrome and it’s Keystone updater — to see if it helps.

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