Home Business Jos trade fair: Exhibitors decry toilets’ poor sanitary condition

Jos trade fair: Exhibitors decry toilets’ poor sanitary condition

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Some exhibitors at the ongoing Jos International Trade Fair have decried the poor sanitary condition of toilets at the fair ground.

The traders told newsmen that the toilets provided by the organisers were too outdated and inadequate to cater for the teeming number of visitors to the fair.

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Mrs Chinyere Madu, a book vendor at the fair ground, lamented that she was subjected to using “very dirty toilets” and called on the organisers to fix them.

Similarly, Mrs Damilola Owodei, an exhibitor of kitchen utensils, condemned the state of the toilets.

Owodei said only 6 toilets and 10 bathrooms were provided to cater for the exhibitors and the customers, which described as grossly inadequate.

She said she was painfully paying N20 to use any of the dirty toilets and N50 for hot water to take her bath in the morning.

Mr Ability Jacob, an exhibitor, said he had avoided using the unkempt toilets and resorted to visiting the nearest fast food joint to ease himself.

Jacob, however, commended the organisers for ensuring that the main fair ground was always kept clean in spite of the heavy human traffic.

Reacting, Ms Bolcit Barshep, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ANISTA, organisers of the fair, said she had not received any complaints regarding the poor sanitary condition of the facilities.

Barshep said her company had provided ten make shift bathrooms, 6 conventional toilets and two mobile toilets, and with a borehole that was constantly providing water to the exhibitors and the customers.

She also said cleaners had been deployed to keep the conveniences clean.

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