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List of 6 Seaports In Nigeria & Locations

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All Seaports In Nigeria & Locations

Seaports in Nigeria can be found at the waterfront regions and domains of the country. The significant seaports in Nigeria are Rivers Port Complex, Onne Port Complex, Delta Port, Calabar Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port and Lagos Port Complex.

Nigeria is a significant exporter of unrefined and a high shipper of completed items like innovation, food varieties, clothing and so forth This makes seaports extremely crucial to Nigeria’s exchange and business.

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The significance of seaports to the development of Nigerian economy can’t be overemphasized. The above truth legitimizes the new activities of Nigeria central government to make more ports and patched up some generally existing seaports.

Nigerian seaports are overseen by government body known as Nigerian Port Authority (NPA). This guideline body manage the general running of all seaports in Nigeria.

All seaports in Nigeria are in southern Nigeria because of seaside nature of the territory. Likewise, the state where Nigerian seaports are found offer sea guests with Atlantic Ocean.

In a bid to further develop exchange and trade, decrease tension on Nigeria streets, the central administration of Nigeria is running after growing more seaports in southern Nigeria and dry ports in northern Nigeria.

Until these ventures comes into realization, the major and functional seaports in Nigeria is six in number.

Seaports In Nigeria

In this article, Nigerian Informer will survey the significant seaports in Nigeria. These seaports are exceptionally focal and essential to free progression of business in Nigeria.

Seaports In Nigeria and Locations

The following is the exhaustive rundown of all functional seaports in Nigeria and the states where the seaports are found.

Lagos Port Complex

Lagos Port Complex otherwise called Apapa Quays is the biggest seaport in Nigeria. Lagos Port Complex is a global affirmed seaport by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The Seaport is situated at Lagos express, the Nigeria’s most crowded state and focus of business.

Lagos Port is the greatest Seaport in Nigeria and the main seaport in the nation established in the year 1913.

In the year 2006, in a bid to work with powerful activity and running of the port, central legislature of Nigeria concessioned Lagos Port Complex to private elements for successful activity.

Apapa Bulk Terminal Ltd. (ABTL), AP Moller Terminal Ltd. (APMT), ENL Consortium Ltd, are some of private terminal administrators in Lagos port Complex.

The port gets the absolute biggest cargoes visiting Nigerian’s shores and has great security frameworks with CCTV cameras introduced at the port.

Metal Can Island Port

Metal Can Island Port is one of the two significant seaports in Lagos state. Metal Can Island Port was set up in 1977 so diminish the tension on the Lagos Port Complex because of weighty development in global exchange Nigeria.

Metal Can Island Port is sited on huge hectares of land and the port can deal with more than 15 vessels. The port was likewise concessioned to privately owned businesses for compelling and productive activities.

Metal Can Island Port is perhaps the most active seaport in Nigeria. It is too an extremely famous seaport in the country.

Streams Port Complex

Streams Port Complex is in Gulf of Guinea. The Rivers Port Complex is a multi-reason seaport and fills in as focus port to a few wharfs encompassing it.

The port carters for different business sectors identifying with fluid, dry and general load exchanges. The River Port is in oil rich area of Nigeria, Rivers state and as such is set up to serve big hauler vessels in unrefined exchange and trade.

Stream Port Complex is exceptionally key to the Nigeria’s rough deals and general streams exchange.

Delta Port

Delta Port is in Delta State in south-south Nigeria. It is additionally arranged in unrefined petroleum rich locale of Nigeria and is intentionally settled to fill various needs of rough exchange and general exchange.

It is qualified to take note of that Delta Port is a homegrown seaport in Nigeria as they help in between state oceanic developments of products in Nigeria.

The public authority is wanting to foster Delta Port further and overhaul it to have the option to serve greater vessels and connection up with global streams.

Calabar Port Complex

Calabar Port Complex situated in Cross River state is one of Nigerian’s most established and significant seaports in Nigeria.

It is additionally a multi-reason port utilized for general exchange and for development of unrefined to worldwide business sectors.

ECM Terminal Ltd, INTELS Nigeria Ltd and Shoreline Logistics Nigeria Limited works the three terminals of Calabar Port.

Onne Port Complex

Onne Port Complex is a seaport is in River state and is moored in the biggest oil and gas free zone in west Africa.

The seaport is arranged on the Bonny River Estuary along Ogu Creek in Onne, River state. Onne Port Complex handles more than 65% of Nigeria trade cargoes.

Onnes seaport is perhaps the most productively overseen seaports in Nigeria as it is exceptionally key to Nigeria unrefined business.

It is likewise a multi-reason port as it upholds other port exercises to the side oil and gas, for example, general cargoes, mass cargoes, containerized cargoes and other calculated administrations.

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