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List of Punishable Crimes

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This is a rundown of culpable violations in Nigeria:

Prompting attack of Nigeria
Disguise of injustice
Treacherous crimes
Advancing between common conflict
Prompting a rebellion
Supporting and inducing to mutinous demonstrations or rebellion of individuals from the Armed Forces or Policemen
Helping break of detainees of war
Plain demonstration
Causing alienation among individuals from the Armed Forces, Police or Prison Officers
Going furnished to cause dread
Carrying in mask
Coercive passage
Inciting break of harmony by hostile distribution
Divulgence of true records
Public officials welcoming pay-offs on records of their own activity
The individual giving pay-offs on records of activities of public officials
The individual welcoming pay-offs on records of activities by open officials
Coercion by open authorities
Public officials inspired by contracts
Bogus case by a public authority
Maltreatment of office
Bogus testaments by open officials
Controlling extra-legal vows
Bogus supposition of power
Mimicking public officials
Mimicking individuals from Armed Forces or Police
Unlawfully wearing the uniform of the Armed Forces
Selling it garbs of the Armed Forces to unapproved
Anticipating workplaces openly administration
Offering bogus expressions to public officials with the purpose
Creating proof
Debasement of witnesses
Misleading observers
Keeping observers from joining in
Trick to bring a fraudulent allegation
Obliterating proof
Debasing equity
Disdain of court
Supporting detainees to get away
Allowing break of detainees
Jail officials accomplice to break of discipline
Eliminating property under legal seizure
Discouraging officials of courtrooms
Forging gold and silver coin
Groundwork for authoring gold and silver coin
Unlawful requests with the object of making fake coins
Continued expressing of fake current gold or silver coin and the ownership of such coins
Making, issue, and dissemination of promissory notes payable to conveyor on request, without power
Halting mail by post
Catching postal matter
Altering postal matter
Wilful misdelivery of a postal request
Getting postal matter misrepresentation affectation
Discharging letters and wires
Fake issue of cash orders and postal orders
False messages regarding cash orders
Unlawful franking of letter
Sending risky things by post
Hindering conveyance of postal matter
Hindering sends
Bogus articulations in an application for visas
Bogus articulations in explanations needed to be sworn to tell the truth
Bogus revelation and articulation
Infringement of mystery of the postal matter
Taking shots at custom boats or officials
Opposing officials occupied with forestalling carrying
Refusal of public authorities to play out an obligation
Disregard of harmony officials to smother a mob
Disregard to support smothering mobs
Disregard to support capturing wrongdoers
Rebellion to Act, Law, or Statute
Rebellion to a legitimate request gave by established power
Offering brutality to administering clergymen of religion
Upsetting strict love
Profane practices between guys
Causing or empowering the enchantment or prostitution of a young lady under sixteen
Debasement of young ladies under thirteen
Permitting people under sixteen to be in houses of ill-repute
Securing pollution of ladies by dangers, extortion, or overseeing drugs
Kidnapping of a young lady under eighteen years old with the goal to have sexual relations
Keeping massage parlor
Unlawful confinement with the plan to contaminate
Connivance to pollute
Endeavors to get early termination
Endeavor to get own unsuccessful labor
Providing medications or instruments to get early termination
Uncovering available to be purchased things ill suited for food or drink
Defilement of food and drink expected available to be purchased
Managing in unhealthy meat
Offer of coordinates with white phosphorus and the utilization of white phosphorus in the production of matches
Killing on incitement
Endeavor to kill
Endeavor to kill by convict
Extra sometime later to kill
Composed dangers to kill
Planning to kill
Killing unborn kid
Covering of birth of kids
Unlawful ownership of a human head
Acts endeavored to cause egregious mischief or forestall capture
Egregious mischief
Keeping escape from wreck
Purposefully imperiling people going by railroad
Endeavoring to harm by unstable gadgets
Vindictively directing toxic substance with the plan to hurt
Injuring and comparative demonstrations
Jeopardizing the life or wellbeing of students or workers
Leaving or uncovering kids
Setting man-trap
Careless and careless demonstrations
Sending unseaworthy boats to the ocean
Imperiling steamships by messing with apparatus
Avoiding laws as to transportation perilous products
Attacks on people securing wreck
Hardship of freedom
Convincing activity by terrorizing
Convincing activity by attack
Disguise of issues influencing freedom
Slave managing
Youngster taking
Renunciation of kids
Taking by people in office
Carrying taken products to Nigeria
Deceitful attitude of sold merchandise
Deceitful assignment of force
Endeavored burglary
Getting merchandise affectations misrepresentations
Scheme to swindle
Cheats on special or home loan of property
Claiming to practice black magic or tell fortune
Getting taken property
Unlawful ownership of arms having a place with the Armed or Police Forces
Taking prize for recuperating of property acquired through crime or wrongdoing
Legal administrators falsely discarding trust property
Chiefs and officials of companies adulterating books or records
Bogus articulation by authorities or organizations
Fake bogus bookkeeping
Fake bookkeeping by a public official
Endeavor to submit pyro-crime
Deterring airplanes
Projecting away ships
Endeavor to annihilate property by explosives
Eliminating limit marks with goal to dupe
Wilful harm to study and limit marks
Sending bogus testament of union with the recorder
Loaning testaments for personation
Making or managing in encroaching duplicates of copyright work
Degenerate acknowledgment of the gift
Impedance with a leader or administrative request
Distribution of bogus news with the purpose to make dread and alert the general population
Unlawful boring
Fouling water
Gathering to sneak
Unfortunate behavior concerning carcasses

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