List of Top Richest Lawyers in Nigeria and Their Net Worth


A type of revenue isn’t to the point of making you rich. Such situations should be visible working out in the existence of practically every one of the most extravagant attorneys in Nigeria. A significant number of them needed to broaden into different areas despite the fact that they are as yet rehearsing.

Regulation is no question a rewarding and esteemed calling that can acquire you an ordinary living. With a regulation degree, you will actually want to live well yet not so rich as any of the current most extravagant attorneys in Nigeria.

In the event that you are a Law understudy or graduate of regulation who needs to assemble a ton of abundance, differentiating is the most ideal choice! Today, we will be investigating the subtleties of the most extravagant attorneys in Nigeria with their Net Worth.

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List of Richest Lawyers in Nigeria and Their Net Worth

1. Adewale Tinubu ($700 million)


Jubril Adewale Tinubu is currently the richest lawyer in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $700 million (Forbes). Even though he comes from a wealthy family in Lagos state, he is diligent and hardworking. His father is rich and his uncle was once a Lagos State Governor.

He’s a business consultant as well as a legal practitioner in Lagos state. He currently owns Oando oil, one of the biggest oil companies. He started as a lawyer as far back as 1992 as a Corporate law specialist. This is after graduating from the University of Liverpool.

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2. Babatunde Folawiyo ($650 million)


Babatunde Folawiyo was a student of economics at the London School of Economics before he proceeded to studied law. He graduated from the University of London in 1984. He later gets called to the bar after which he started practicing in Lagos State.

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Apart from being an influential lawyer, he’s also a business mogul. He took over his father’s company in 2018 and is currently the director of the Yinka Folawiyo group. His group of companies invests diversely in different sectors ranging from Agriculture, Shopping, and Real Estate.

Based on Wikipedia’s report, Babatunde Folawiyo’s net worth is currently pegged at $650 million. No doubt, he’s one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria.

3. John Olatunde Ayeni ($600 million)


With a net worth of $600 million, John Olatunde Ayeni makes the 3rd richest lawyer in Nigeria on our list. The barrister hails from Iyah Gbede, Ijumu in Kogi state where he attended both primary and secondary school. He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University and was called to Bar in 1991.

He is a practicing lawyer who has contributed immensely to the Nigerian legal system. He got most of his wealth from his job as a legal adviser to many top brands in Nigeria.

John Olatunde Ayeni is currently the Ikeja Branch vice chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association. He’s also a member of the Nigerian legal aid counsel.

4. Wale Babalakin ( $260 million)


This is another Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a barrister. He hails from Oyo state but pursued his law degree at the Lagos State University.

Wale Babalakin is currently an astute lawyer and a businessman. Following his father’s footsteps who was the Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, he got called to Nigeria Bar in 1983.

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He has won many court cases and has contributed massively to the Nigeria Legal system. Owing to his contributions, he was conferred with the title of the Officer of the Federal Republic of Niger (OFR). Wale Babalakin’s net worth is currently estimated to be $260 million.

5. Adewunmi Ogunsanya ($250 million)


The Senior Advocate Of Nigeria and barrister was called to the Bar in 1984. After he graduated from the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Since then he has practiced law and contributed to the law systems. Like some richest lawyers in Nigeria, he also invests in another sector. He invested in a multi-billion Entertainment company known as Multichoice. The company operates different brands like DSTV, GOTV, and Supersport.

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He also oversees the affairs of the Trocadero group of companies. Adewunmi Ogunsanya is currently one of Nigeria’s richest lawyers with a whopping net worth of $250 million.

6. Jimoh Ibrahim ($200 million)

Jimoh Ibrahim is a barrister, entrepreneur, and politician. He was born in Ondo State in 1947 on the 24th of February. He graduated from OAU where he had degrees both in Public Administration and Law (LLB). He also had a master’s from Harvard University Cambridge.

He invested his funds into different sectors ranging from Oil and Gas, Publishing, Insurance, and Real Estate. Based on Forbes reports, Jimoh Ibrahim’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

7. Afe Babalola ($150 million)


Afe Babalola is one of the most influential and richest lawyers in Nigeria. He hails from Ekiti State but was a graduate of law from the University of London. Since he started practicing, he has contributed immensely to the legal system of Nigeria.

He also owns one of the biggest legal firms in Nigeria, Afe Babalola & Co. He is popularly known as the co-founder of a private University, Afe Babalola University in Nigeria. He also owns a big farm where farming is practiced. He is currently married with 3 children. With an estimated net worth of $150 million, he’s currently one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria.

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8. Wole Olanipekun ($122 million)

The SAN lawyers and Barrister is an indigene of Ekiti state and he was born on 18th November 1951. He attended Lagos State University where he graduated as a law student before he was called to Bar in 1976.

He has also contributed to the Nigeria Legal System through his services and quest for justice. He also holds many reputable positions including being a one-time President of the Nigerian Bar Association. He is also the Vice President of the Pan-African Lawyers Union (PALU) and so on. He’s also involved in series of business with a net worth of $122 million.

9. Gbenga Oyebode ($120 million)

Gbenga Oyebode is a practicing attorney and co-founder of Aluko Oyebode, a Nigerian top legal firm. He focuses mainly on advising corporate and top brands from different sectors. This is including those in oil and gas, power, aviation, and so on. He graduated from both OAU and the University of Pennsylvania studying Law. Gbenga Oyebode’s net worth is currently pegged to be $120 million.

10. Femi Falana ($80 million)

Femi Falana is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a human activist, a barrister. The influential barrister is currently a full-time lawyer. He’s married to Funmi Falana who is also a legal practitioner.

He’s the father of Folarin Falana who is popularly referred to as Falz the Bahd Guy; a popular musician and actor. He acquired his major wealth from his practice and his net worth is currently pegged at $80 million.

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