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List of Youth Empowerment Programs

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The goals of the African Youth Empowerment Nigeria are focused on the arrangement of preparing to the youthful populace through roads that might incorporate, studios, workshops and professional projects. Recipients of the African Youth Empowerment Nigeria Program likewise accomplish instructive and monetary help. The African Youth Empowerment Nigeria accomplices with nearby advocates and facilitated relationship in the release of its obligations to the young people.


This program perceives the job instruction plays in directing the positive energy of the youthful people, to help themselves and the general public at large, and thus take part in giving youthful ones the training expected of them to advantageously achieve positive financial status, assimilate resilence and industry, and have fulfilling lives, with yearnings and possibilities.


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The Graduate Internship Scheme is a component of the Subsidy Reinvestment Empowerment Program (Sure-P). The aims of the Graduate Internship Scheme include lessening the weakness of youthful Nigerian alumni without work by further developing employability through temporary position programs in pre-chosen establishments.

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Jump Africa recognizes that the realization of Africa’s possible lies with the advancement of youthful grown-ups by the arrangement of the abilities and instruments important to accomplish individual and local area change. LEAR Africa works together with financing, executing and specialized accomplices in different local area change projects for youngsters, administration programs at auxiliary schools, and business backing to the youthful populace.


The National Youth Service Corps was set up on May 22, 1973, with the targets of adding to sped up development of the economy, empowering abilities procurement for confidence, and the turn of events and advancement of solidarity and public reconciliation among Nigerian alumni. The National Youth Service Corps through the Skills Acquisition Entrepreneurship Department (SAED) work with the refinement, preparing and coaching of Nigerian alumni in expertise securing through conclusive educational program in-camp ability procurement works out, arrangement of roads where graduates could get to financing openings, among different jobs focused on strengthening.


New Era Foundation was made in 2000 with the plan of accomplishing the accompanying however not thorough targets; advancing public mindfulness on ecological wellbeing, taking part in sharpening practices on country building, coordinating learned contests among youngsters consequently considering the propensity for sound competition. Recipients of the program likewise appreciate network openings for self-improvement and development.


This is an adolescent strengthening program constrained by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) with administrative oversight of the Federal Ministries which incorporate; Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development. N-Power was made determined to reduce joblessness among adolescents of 18 to 35 years, and the advancement of social improvement by planning young people with significant abilities and affirmations for the arising worldwide business sectors. Graduates and non-graduates that are inside the specified age range are able to take an interest in the program.


This program was set up to take into account the joblessness of adolescents in the country with center driven techniques pointed toward giving preparing and ensuing business backing to empower the young beginning up little and medium ventures. The Bank of Industry related to the Ministry of Youths and Student Affairs guarantees that these destinations are accomplished.

Sponsorship Reinvestment and Empowerment Program (SURE-P)

This was set up in 2012 during Goodluck Jonathan’s organization later the evacuation of appropriation on Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS). This program tried to offer help on vital framework and social security net projects that straightforwardly affect the populace. This program gave recipients work openings through entry level position programs, and different advantages, from the offer investment funds from the evacuation of fuel appropriations.

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The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program is pointed toward managing neediness lightening and the production of economical work for the adolescents. This objective is accomplished by furnishing recipients with brilliant business preparing, mentorship, transnational systems administration, and awards up to $5000. The TEF Entrepreneurship Program is pointed toward touching off the business possibilities of youthful Nigerians, and Africans that advantage from the program.

Dealer MONI

This drive was set up to help the economy by giving jobless adolescents, people living with handicaps, underestimated ladies, negligible merchants and other weak gatherings in the general public with admittance to back. The Bank of Industry (BOI) is answerable for furnishing this classification of people with a non-refundable credit of up to NGN 50,000. Recipients additionally remain to appreciate esteem chain and computerized e-stage to empower more extensive reach for their items.


The Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative is swore with the obligation of teaching, empowering, and engaging youngsters in the nation by utilizing set up and demonstrated methodologies and procedures. For north of 10 years, the effect of this drive has emphatically impacted recipients as far as directing on wellbeing related issues, courses for the youthful, and circulation of provisions, for example, bed nets. The drive accomplices with Grassroot Soccer, and other teaming up supports in preparing youngsters to become tutors involving sport-themed exercises in teaching the majority.


YOUWIN was sent off in 2011 by President Goodluck Jonathan’s organization with goals zeroed in on youth strengthening by financing remarkable field-tested strategies for hopeful business people in Nigeria. With the administrative oversight of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communication and Technology, Ministry of Youth Development and the Ministry of Women Africa, YOUWIN guarantees value commitment into the organizations of chosen awardees who have exceptional strategies.


The Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture is centered around the consolation of young people keen on wandering into the rural line of business by giving them the essential things that are needed for one to start horticultural business.

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