Main Signs You Really Need a New Smartphone…

How to know it’s time to get a new phone? Let’s imagine you’re leaving for Mars and can only bring one thing with you.

If you choose your phone, will it keep working for a long time, or break as soon as you arrive? Well, there are signs that you need to replace your smartphone.

Does your phone keep turning on and off by itself? That most likely means something is wrong with the battery. Batteries in some models can be easily replaced, but it’s impossible for others.

Does your phone overheat, even when you aren’t using it? First, try removing the case and replacing it with one that offers more air flow. If that doesn’t help, something might be seriously wrong with its internal hardware.

Are there vertical lines across the screen? Lines, bands, flickering, and other screen anomalies are all signs something is wrong with your hardware.

Answer these and some other questions to discover if you need a new phone before lift-off!


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