Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ with LTE Advanced | First Look at Design, Specs, and Internals.

The Surface Pro 7+ is the latest generation of the purpose-built, class defining Surface 2-in-1, available exclusively for commercial customers and educational institutions.

It’s capable of transforming from a laptop to a tablet, or into studio mode, while also serving as a desktop when docked and connected to external displays.

And while the signature form factor remains consistent, it brings the next level of performance and versatility to its category, it comes with options for: – Quad core compute running 11th generation Intel Core processors, which at its most popular spec, is more than twice as fast as its ’predecessor’, – A new removable SSD enables allows you to retain and protect your sensitive information, – Configurations available now with up to 32 GB of RAM, – Optional built-in LTE Advanced, with eSIM and physical SIM support, – And a 50.4 watt-hour battery, which is the highest capacity battery ever in the Surface Pro line.


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