Motorola Moto G100 | Unboxing, Tour & Docking!

Unboxing the Motorola Moto G100, the most powerful budget smartphone in Motorola’s G-Series boasting SD870 smarts, with a full specs and features tour.

Here’s a hands-on review of the camera tech, testing the gaming performance with Genshin Impact, and how to setup the Moto G100’s dock to go big-screen! With the Snapdragon 870 stuffed inside, this affordable phone packs enough grunt to take on the Poco F3.

Gamers can certainly enjoy slick performance, as you’ll see from my tests.

You also get a stock Android 11 experience, and of course the ‘ready for’ docking feature similar to Samsung DEX.

The Motorola G100 also serves up a quad lens camera with the usual Moto AI smarts. You have a 5000mAh battery to keep you powered up all day, and 128GB storage with microSD support.


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