new console Xbox Project Scarlett announced – Microsoft… The American company Microsoft introduced a new Xbox console codenamed Scarlett at its E3 2019 conference. Prior to this, users on the network drew attention to the latest trailers of the corporation, which hinted at a new series of consoles.

The first thing the company said was that the console would be four times faster: the new generation DDR6 RAM, Zen 2 processor and AMD Navi graphics, as well as the solid-state drive. They promise backward compatibility with Xbox One games.

The Xbox Scarlett will appear at the end of 2020, probably in two versions: a regular model named Lockhart and a more powerful one, codenamed Anaconda, the successors of Xbox One X and Xbox One S. The console will come out with the game Halo Infinite . It will be shown for the first time in January 2020, most likely at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas.


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