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Nigeria Legislators Support Moves To Commercialize NIGCOMSAT

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The Chairman, House Committee on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Hon. Abubakar Lado-Suleija, expressed support for the commercialization as means to generate revenue for the country while creating more employment opportunities for Nigeria’s populace.

Hon. Abubakar Lado-Suleija expressed the support while on a visit to NIGCOMSAT with members of the House of Representatives Committee on Information and Communication.

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He promised to champion the deepening of the use of ICT for the growth of the economy in the country through adequate legislation especially as it relates funds.

“We will have to do something about the policy because I know they have challenges. On the issue of funding; they need aggressive intervention and I will personally take the issue to Mr. President because I know Mr. President’s plan on diversifying the economy.” Lado-Suleija noted

Hon. Lado-Suleija while emphasizing the need for harnessing the potential of the satellite resources said: “I was amazed and on the other hand disappointed, because this is my first time of coming here, I have been hearing of NIGCOMSAT. This is my first time of coming to NIGCOMSAT office and station. With what I’ve seen here and the negligence from both sides I feel disappointed because it is a dilapidated structure. If it is properly put in place, we can generate trillions of naira and do away with oil” he said.

He lamented over the fact that while other countries are optimizing their satellite communication space resources to advance their economy, MDAs and the private sector in the country have not gainfully taken this opportunity to grow their businesses in Nigeria, instead relying on foreign satellite services.

“It is a common knowledge that portfolio businessmen prefer to patronize foreign satellite resources which to me is not only expensive but a disservice to the nation” he said.

He however advised NIGCOMSAT Management to open more regional offices to ensure that ICT industry sustain the current economic direction of the country.

In her response, the Managing Director, NIGCOMSAT Ltd, Dr. Abimbola Alale said the Oversight function of Members of the House of Representative Committee on ICT was timely as their support would enable the company reposition itself towards better service delivery to Nigerians.

“We are encouraged by your visit and mindful of advice given, we want to assure you that we shall work very hard to meet the expectations of Nigerians and the KPIs set by the HM MoCDE to put the company on the path of better service delivery and greater visibility. It is my belief that with good legislative support, NIGCOMSAT shall reposition itself as a key revenue earner for the government” Dr. Alale said.

She added that with the support for commercialization, the company will be better challenged to carry out its functions well and also create room for employment as more regional offices would be opened, according to the report by Voice of Nigeria.

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