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Nigeria postal code for All 36 states in Nigeria

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It obvious that people use postal codification and zip codes for handling deliveries and mail. The problem is that countries like the USA use only zip codes while the other ones use postal codes. Furthermore, in some countries like Nigeria, these two code types mean the same thing.

However, some people still confuse postal code with a dialling combination. Nigeria includes six geopolitical zones. Each area has a long history and background. During the times of rule of President Ibrahim Babangida, the government created a convenient system of allocation of human resources. One of them is the post-delivery.

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Thus, people obtained a possibility to ship and order products, cosmetics, clothes, etc.

How many states are in Nigeria Actually, Nigeria has 36 states and one federal capital territory. Between 1960 and 1963, Nigeria was only divided into 3 regions. They were called eastern region, western region and northern region. From 1963 to 1967, Nigeria had 4 regions instead of three because of the carving out of the mid western region out of the old western region. Then, between 1967 and 1975, General Yakubu Gowon created the first 12 states in Nigeria. They were Rivers, Cross Rivers, East Central State( all from the old eastern state), Bendel, Western State and Lagos( all 3 from the old western state), Benue-Plateau, Kaduna, Kwara, Kano, Northwestern State and North-Eastern State (all from the old northern region).

At present, the post departments receive plenty of parcels. Each of them requires correct shipping and proper attention. How do the workers manage to cope with a considerable flow of mail without being confused? Is it magic? You can add this article to your favourites to have Nigeria post codes for all 36 states by hand right when you need it. What is Nigeria postal code for 36 states.

Here is the list of Nigeria combinations for all its states and FCT:

Abia – 440001 Adamawa – 640001 Akwa Ibom – 520001 Anambra – 420001 Bauchi – 740001 Bayelsa – 561001 Benue – 970001 Borno – 600001 Cross River – 540001 Delta – 320001 Ebonyi – 840001 Edo – 300001 Ekiti – 360001 Enugu – 400001 Gombe – 760001 Imo – 460001 Jigawa – 720001 Kaduna – 700001 Kano – 800001 Katsina – 820001 Kebbi – 860001 Kogi – 260001 Kwara – 240001 Lagos (mainland/island) – 100001/101001 Nasarawa – 962001 Niger – 920001 Ogun – 110001 Ondo – 340001 Osun – 230001 Oyo – 200001 Plateau – 930001 Rivers – 500001 Sokoto – 840001 Taraba – 660001 Yobe – 320001 Zamfara – 860001 The post codification Nigeria uses for Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is 900001.

What is the postal code definition and is it the same as ZIP code?

The answer is quite simple. A postal code is a helping tool that allows post offices to deal with parcel delivery by the address correctly. According to collinsdictionary.com, postal code is defined as a sequence that includes digits and letters, which is a part of an address of mail delivery. In the USA, there are no postcodes.

Instead, the country’s delivery system uses a ZIP combination for the items from overseas and the inland areas. It is the only country where you can see the usage of ZIP codification. What is Nigeria ZIP code?

What about Nigeria? Does it have a postcode or a ZIP codification? The notion of ZIP in Nigeria is equal to the postal code. ZIP, postcode or postal code – all they denote the same idea. The primary function of this sequence of letters and numbers is to serve for correct sorting of mail. It is usually required when you fill out the form online while purchasing some products.

What does it mean when a person says a “ZIP codification”? Z= zone; I = improvement; P = plan code. The Nigeria post codes comprise 6-digit numbers: The first three stand for the regional set of numbers (district for the outgoing sorting); The second three digits denote the delivery location (urban area or post office).

Note that if you choose the wrong number, you may face delivery delays. Take a look at the example: The code of Lagos State is 100001: 100 – the first three digits represent the state; 001 – the last three numbers denote the head department in each region.

If you wish to send a parcel, not to the head office, but to another department in the area, you should find the combination of the necessary department.

The list of Nigeria post codes is quite significant.

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