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Nigeria Types of Bread

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The types of bread in Nigeria you will like to know…

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Agege bread as prior expressed is quite possibly of the most famous bread in Nigeria. It got its name from the famous “Agege” situated in Lagos state, Nigeria. The bread began from Agege. This bread could be eaten with any refreshment of your decision. Agege bread is cushy and delicate. It is made with dry yeast, warm water, flour, granulated sugar, eggs, salt, milk powder, and mellowed margarine. Whichever recipe you use to make this bread relies upon you. The result is a stretchy surface.

Sugar bread is one more sort of bread in Nigeria that is extremely famous. It is the bread you track down in grocery stores over the counter. Searching for the ideal bread to use to plan sandwiches? Sugar bread is your smartest option. In each Nigerian pastry shop, it is their main item. A sort of bread is truly reasonable independent of foundation or social class. The sugar bread name is gotten from sweet taste and the reality sugar is utilized in extraordinary amounts. Different fixings incorporate flour, mellowed spread, yeast, and salt.

Entire wheat bread is a kind of bread eaten in Nigeria by individuals watching their weight so as not to add more weight, the older, diabetic patients and individuals on a weight reduction venture. Entire wheat bread is more costly than most bread in Nigeria. Its essential fixing is wheat flour. Different fixings that the bread is made of incorporate bread flour or regular flour, yeast, sugar, milk, salt and others. There are a few recipes utilized in baking entire wheat bread. Assuming you’re considering making your hand crafted wheat bread, you could utilize any recipe that suits you. This bread could be utilized to plan sandwiches and other bread feasts.

One more sort of bread in Nigeria is Sardine bread. Sardine bread is another bread that is more costly than the ordinary bread type. It is made with the consideration of sardines in the batter. Beside sardines, you would require bread flour, sugar, salt, margarine, eggs and different fixings. Sardine bread is a kind of white bread that has sardine in it. It very well may be eaten as a tidbit or an entire feast. Trust me, on the off chance that you haven’t attempted sardine bread, you’re passing up this astounding food. You wouldn’t require spread prior to eating sardine bread. It is best eaten new.

Coconut bread is one more sort of bread in Nigeria. It is viewed as an extravagance bread. In light of its extraordinary and astounding taste, it is the kind of bread you eat when you want to give yourself and your family a treat. Coconut bread gets its rich coconut taste from a genuine coconut. The coconut cream and ground or destroyed coconut are utilized in the readiness of the bread. The result of the baking methodology is sweet, brilliant and crunchy bread. Coconut bread can be eaten whenever of the day.

Shawarma bread is an extraordinary sort of bread in Nigeria. It is a kind of flatbread. It is the bread utilized in planning shawarma, a well known dinner in Nigeria. Shawarma bread is sold in most Nigerian stores and significant business sectors the nation over. Assuming you want to make custom made shawarma bread, it is extremely simple to make. All you really want is the right fixings and either a stove or a skillet. You would require regular flour, yeast, salt, and others. The mystery is by they way you ply and roll the mixture. In the wake of manipulating, you roll into little balls and roll with a folding pin into a round shape. The result of the baking system is a flatbread.

Banana bread is one of the kinds of bread tracked down in Nigeria. Its principal fixing is squashed bananas. Banana bread is exceptionally clammy and delicate. It gets its dampness from banana natural product. This sort of bread could be eaten as a tidbit. It tends to be that ideal outing nibble you are searching for. Banana bread gets its novel heavenly taste from bananas. Asides from bananas, to plan banana bread, you want earthy colored sugar, mellowed spread, flour and different fixings.

One of the extravagance food varieties in Nigeria is chocolate bread. Chocolate bread is one of the most costly bread in Nigeria. It is known for its rich chocolate taste and variety. The prevailing fixing utilized in making chocolate bread is chocolate chips and unsweetened cocoa powder. If you have any desire to make chocolate bread at home, there are a few recipes to test. Pick the recipe that suits you. The fixings you would require incorporate sugar, buttermilk, flour, eggs, baking powder and pop, and different fixings.


One more kind of bread found in Nigeria is French roll bread. This sort of bread has its starting point in France. French roll bread can be tracked down in numerous pastry shops and stores across different towns in Nigeria. Considering baking french roll bread at home? It is extremely simple and quick to get ready. All you want is the right recipe and fixings. The mixture utilized for making French roll bread can be massaged with a blender or hand. The fixings expected to make French roll bread incorporate bread flour, vegetable or olive oil, warm water, dry yeast, salt, and sugar.

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