OnePlus 9T – LTPO 120Hz Display & BIONIC Camera CONFIRMED!!!

OnePlus will launch its OnePlus 9T in the second half of this year.

The ‘T’ series from OnePlus is always great. It doesn’t come with huge changes, but it perfects the existing smartphones.

For example, OnePlus 8 was a great device, but OnePlus 8T took it to a next level. The similar way OnePlus 9T will improve the recently launched OnePlus 9.

So it’s safe to say that OnePlus T-Series tries to give us a perfect version of a pre-existing smartphone.

This year OnePlus launched it’s OnePlus 9 series earlier than usual, so we are expecting the OnePlus 9T to arrive earlier.

Normally, the T-variant of a OnePlus smartphone launches in October, but this time we can expect it around August or September.


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