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OnePlus truly wireless earbuds, guess what they look like

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Over the years OnePlus has launched a bunch of phones and a few Bullets branded earphones, but the company has yet to unveil its first pair of truly wireless earbuds. According to a new rumor, that’s set to change in July. Coincidentally or not, the OnePlus Z is also expected around the same time, so don’t be surprised if the most affordable OnePlus phone of 2020 gets announced alongside these earbuds.

And speaking of surprises, or in this case, lack thereof, the OnePlus truly wireless earbuds look a lot like AirPods. The renders you can see below are based on their actual design, so that pretty much seals the deal.

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It is a very popular design, with a lot of imitators, and it has a great advantage because of the presence of those ‘stems’ – the mics can be physically closer to your mouth, which should aid the people you’re calling in actually being able to make out what you’re saying.

There’s no word on any specs yet, or the name of these, but don’t be surprised if they will be marketed as OnePlus Bullets Truly Wireless or something similar.

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