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Oppo releases the ColorOS 7.1

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Oppo has just unveiled the Find X2 series earlier today (6th March 2020). Alongside its flagship series with its top notch specs came the latest version of the Chinese company’s custom skin. The ColorOS 7.1 was also revealed with improvements for system performance and optimizations for display, camera, better storage capabilities, and memory management.

ColorOS 7.1: Display

Starting with the display, the ColorOS 7.1 on the Oppo Find X2 series also brings support for the high 120Hz refresh rate. The company calls it the “O1 Super Sensitive Image Quality Engine” which enhances the quality of the content being displayed on the screen. The new update also brings dynamic video frame interpolation technology. This basically is an algorithm that supplements the high refresh rate display.

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ColorOS 7.1

Traditionally, videos or movies are filmed in 30fps, but through this technology Oppo manages to optimize the content to 60fps or even 120fps, making the video experience extremely smooth. As of right now, the feature is only supported on certain applications like Tencent Sports iQiyi, Tencent Video, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and a few other video streaming platforms. Support for more should arrive soon after.

HDR (high dynamic range) is one of the biggest inclusions in the latest premium flagship from Oppo. Unlike SDR (standard dynamic range), HDR offers more vivid colors and clearer content being displayed. Textures in images and videos are more natural and detailed, making the viewing experience a lot more enjoyable. This is also paired with an AI that runs an adaptive eye protection functionality; which automatically adjusts color temperature and brightness according to the environment to reduce irritation to the eyes.

ColorOS 7.1


In terms of photography, Oppo’s ColorOS 7.1 also arrives with live HDR video capture capabilities. This helps in solving various mobile videography experiences like dark or overexposed backgrounds during indoor or outdoor shots. The camera software optimizations help light up the scene to make the lightning more naturally balanced out while also offering a cinematic texture filter as well.

ColorOS 7.1

The improvements to the sensors features a better stabilization too, with a dual anti shake function that is present on both the primary sensor and wide angle lens. This enables a smoother videographic experience which is even comparable to certain professional grade cameras, according to Oppo.

Another notable inclusion in the camera department is the Omni directional focus technology. Earlier today, DxOMark rated the Oppo Find X2 Pro as the best camera on a smartphone, with its autofocus capabilities being one of the highlighting aspects of it. The autofocus on the Find X2 series is capable of both horizontal and vertical focus. This boosts the focusing speed and increasing the accuracy during dynamic pictures or even low light scenarios.

ColorOS 7.1

The ColorOS 7.1 even brings special optimizations that have the smartphones support gimbals as well. Since the gimbals have become increasingly popular for mobile photography, Oppo ColorOS 7.1 allows devices to identify the DJI or other brands of gimbals being used, without the need for installing additional applications or software.

Memory and Storage

One of the most important features that the ColorOS 7.1 brings to the table is its improvements in memory and storage management. While traditional updates bring better read and write speeds alone, the latest custom skin iteration from Oppo is capable of anti fragmentation optimizations as well. The feature is a proprietary development from Oppo and allows an 18% increase in app read speeds of large blocks of physical memory.

Furthermore, it also reduces the number of memory fragmentation by 99%. For those unaware, disk fragment with age and continuous use. This holds especially true for computers, so for a smartphone to automatically defragment itself, is a significant innovation in the mobile industry. This will also reduce the unnecessary storage being taken up by the system and will be beneficial for devices in the long run.

User Interface

The UI or user interface with the ColorOS 7.1 also saw certain improvements. The launch speed of applications has drastically been reduced while memory utilization has increased by 40%. Even games now average higher fps while multiple applications run smoothly. The improvements even extend to system apps, which now support hypertext, call translation, wireless printing and recording to text features. Notably, the call translation feature supports real time cal translations for English and Chinese, by automatically weakening the original sound and boosting the translated audio.



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