Pi Mainnet | Are you ready for the Pi Mainnet?

Pi Mainnet, are you ready for the Pi Mainnet? In my past videos, I have gotten a lot of questions from pioneers and non-pioneers, all asking the same questions. when can I sell my pi? When is Pi mainnet?

What is the price for Pi? How can I sell my Pi? How do I KYC? Is Pi Listed on any exchange? Does Pi Have any Value? Answers to these questions coming shortly. I cannot stress enough the importance of Basic Information. This builds a foundation to knowledge, which is what you will require. I will answer some of the questions mentioned earlier, and then I will rack up the rest into a question of mine. For those asking when can I sell my Pi? Its short and simple.

When Pi Network reaches mainnet, that is when you will be able to exchange your pi for services and goods and also exchange your pi for fiat. In case you don’t know, Fiat is referring to real money.

Those that asked what is the Price of PI, the price of Pi currently as of the time of releasing this video is 0$. Value and Price will be determined and known as soon the network hits mainnet. And those interested in knowing and asking, how can I sell my Pi. The answer to that is this.

You cannot sell your Pi at the moment and the core Team highly frowns at it. remember this is all temporary, selling of Pi will be achievable once the Network hits mainnet. Now, let’s move to the interesting part of the video.

Notice how in all the answers provided, Mainnet seems to be mentioned, and also the rest of the questions on most people’s minds also revolve around mainnet. so my questions are these.

What exactly is mainnet? There are bits and bulbs of what mainnet is, Before you say I am repeating myself.


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