Pi millionaires, pi network launch date. There is one question on everyone’s mind, When will pi network get listed or better still, when will the pi network launch? Many people that started mining and even those that just joined, all have the same question.

If we have to go by what the white paper for the pi network said, Which is the last quarter of 2021, but looking closely at the document you will notice that no specific date was mentioned.

The reason is very simple, and I will take you on a short journey to understand it. Many pioneers who started mining at the early stage, are getting frustrated at waiting for the launch, While many others especially new pioneers, are already fed up. This has led to so many staying away from mining while many others have started giving in to the narratives provided by skeptics. If you are in that category, I don’t blame you.

But you need to understand that this is a financial-based coin and as such would conform to the rules laid down before it. If you are ready, let’s begin to understand how I arrived at the date of when I suspect that the pi network will launch to the world.

The whole idea is not to give up simply because the launch date seems to be a bit far or different from what we expected. But the idea is to be in a profitable position by the time the Pi Network Launches and supports the Network as work is ongoing to make Pi what is promised. Remember, cryptocurrencies survive from the support it gets and to realistic and honest, cryptocurrencies are the future.

And the edge that the Pi Network has is a big advantage compared to the rest of the cryptocurrencies already existing, including Bitcoin. In my next video, I will talk about how the future will hinge on cryptocurrencies and which cryptocurrencies will actually provide the value and price that will change the narrative.

Now that we have a fair idea of when the launch date is likely to be, remember that the mining rate will keep halving till the mainnet. Click Here to Join Pi Mining




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