Pi Millionaires | Protect your Pi and secure your Pi account | Don’t Lose your Pi

Pi millionaires, protect your Pi and secure your Pi account, don’t lose your Pi. As we mine and get ready to get into mainnet, So many questions keep coming up and more people raise doubts.

But before we continue and go further, let me show you how you can secure your pi, Ortherwise you might lose them during mainnet. Yes, believe it or not, many of us will lose some of our coins as we get into mainnet.

This video will discuss everything you need to know about securing your Pi coins before mainnet, and also show you how you can achieve that right from your Pi Network App.

We have invited people to join us in mining and we have also been clicking the mine button for every 24 hours. But is this enough to secure our Pi? The answer is No.

If you want to know how to protect your Pi coins, then stick around till the end as I do a demonstration and show how you can secure your Pi coin.

Why Pi-network is going to make millions of people rich and will be a global success.

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