Ryzen 4750G ASRock Desk Mini Build – A Tiny APU Beast!

In this video, we build a super Small For Factor 8 Core 16 Thread APU Beast using the all-new ASRock X300 Deskmini and the AMD Ryzen 7 4750G Pro 4th Gen APU/CPU! The 4750G is an 8 Cores 16 thread APU from AMD with Base Clock. 3.6GHz and a Max Boost Clock Up to 4.4GHz with built-in Radeon Vega 8 Graphics clocked at 2100Mhz making this one of the fastest APUs And has ever released! In this video we build this SFF deskmini, Then run some benchmarks like Geekbench 5, Cinabench R20, and 3D, test out some 4k 5K video playback from Youtube and PLEX then jump right into some gaming to see what the Ryzen 7 4750G is cabbie of with games like Fall Guys, CS-GO, Forza Horizon 4, GTA5, Eternal and Skyrim! Spoiler alert this DeskMini X300 is Amazing!


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