S21 Ultra vs 12 Pro Max vs Pixel 5 – Morning Camera Comparison…

This is my morning camera comparison between the S21 Ultra, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Pixel 5 and below is the list of comparisons: – Wide Angle Photos Under Direct Sunlight & Shadows (Colors & Details) – Ultrawide Angle Photos Under Direct Sunlight & Shadows (Colors & Details) – HDR Performance in Photos (Wide & Ultrawide) – Portrait Photos (Colors, Subject Isolation, HDR, Portraits Of Moving Objects) – Selfies (Colors, Skin tone, Details & HDR) – Selfie Portraits (Colors, Subject Isolation, Skin tone, Details & HDR) – Zoom Photos (7x, 12x, 30x 50x & 100x) – Wide Angle Video Quality at 4k60 & 8k24fps (Colors, Smoothness, Quality, HDR, Stabilization & Zoom) -Ultrawide Video Quality at 4k60 & 4k30 (Colors, Smoothness, Quality, HDR & Stabilization) – Front Camera Videos Quality (Colors, Skin tone, HDR & Details)


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