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Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 Performance

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A30 received the Samsung Exynos 7904, and the Exynos 9610 is responsible for the work of the A50. And if these numbers do not tell you, then according to subjective impressions, the older fellow works about one and a half times faster.

This is seen everywhere: in the work of embedded applications, the reaction of the menu of ambiguity or scrolling the ribbon. A30 is not slow. But since two smartphones were in their hands at once, fate was destined to compare them.

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We can say that the A30 is able to work stably at light loads in messengers, with a browser connected, with easy inclusion in toys with medium or low graphics settings.

At this time, the A50 allows you to confidently turn around when working with several tabs or toys at medium or high settings. RAM can be immediately 6 GB against the maximum version with 4 GB in the A30, which seriously affects the stability of the operating system.

Interestingly, the Exynos 9610 is a very “fresh” chipset and therefore we get funny oddities. Suppose you can safely download Asphalt 9 via Google Play on the V30, but you won’t find it for the V50. Apparently, not all developers have yet updated their applications for a fresh chip.


Both devices are managed by Android 9.0, on top of which the proprietary graphical shell One UI is installed.

I must say that this is not overloaded TouchWiz. It can be seen that the company is able to draw conclusions and implement them. The shell has rather large elements. Icons, buttons – they are big, convenient to use.

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