Samsung Galaxy A72 Camera Review…

Hi Folks, Welcome to the full and final Camera Review of the Samsung Galaxy A72. In this camera review, I have gone through the entire camera features including the in-depth camera app test, the camera modes, etc. I have shot images in all the modes that are available on this phone. The images were shot under different lighting conditions including broad day-light shots and indoor shots. The Galaxy A72’s main 64 megapixels camera captures highly detailed images and its front camera with 32 megapixels sensor does an equally good job. I have also attached the videos shot in all the available resolutions. There are super slow-mo samples in this video. The night mode images of the Galaxy A72 and everything also you needs to see are in this camera review of the Galaxy A72. Watch my video until the end fully master the Camera of the A72. If you love my hard work and efforts put into this video, please consider subscribing to my channel and help me cross 50,000 Subscribers. Thank you all for your love and appreciation.


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