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Samsung Galaxy A50 ($350): Features over speed

The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers a ton of high-end features for its $350 price point. It has a big, vibrant edge-to-edge display just like you’d expect from a Samsung phone. It offers an in-display fingerprint reader for unlocking and two cameras plus a depth sensor for portrait shots.

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You also get a microSD card slot to add more storage and a headphone jack, something that a lot of flagship phones no longer offer, including Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10. Finally, a huge battery provides enough juice to go all day.

Unsurprisingly, the A50 lacks wireless charging or water resistance. Like the Pixel, it also has a lower-tier processor that doesn’t breeze through day-to-day usage like a flagship phone would. It feels a tick slower than the Pixel 3a and noticeably slower than top-tier phones, but that’s to be expected.


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