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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Tricks

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Okay, let’s jump to the camera and there is about a million things that we can discuss here, but the first thing that I like to do in the camera is click the settings icon in the top left corner and scroll down until you find the Grid lines option.

It’s disabled by default and I always enable it to help me get a better composition.

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I also like to shoot RAW, especially for those special shots and landscapes. To do that scroll a bit further up to the Save options and here you can enable the RAW copies switch.

One other nice option here is the HEIF or high efficiency format for images which can reduce the size of photos a lot, but keep in mind that some sites do not support this yet. Last but not least here, you have the ultra wide lens correction.

You can enable this option to get less barrel distortion when you shoot with the ultra wide camera, and especially if you shoot from up close, this is very useful.

Take a look at the same photo taken with and without the wide lens correction, the corrected image look much better, much straighter, but also notice that it is very slightly cropped.

And if you are not that keen on the pro photography options, but still like to share a ton of images on Instagram, you might be happier to use the brand new Instagram option that’s built in both the camera and the gallery apps.

Now when you take a photo like this here super professional selfie you get a little Instagram button in the bottom right and when you press it you can instantly share the image to your feed or to your story, which is really cool.

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