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SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Price and specs | the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e

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SAMSUNG HAS OFFICIALLY shown off its Galaxy S10 lineup, which includes the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e.

The top of the line Galaxy S10 and S10+ offer a significant upgrade over their predecessors, with in-display fingerprint sensors, rear-mounted triple camera setups and reverse wireless charging support. The Galaxy S10e, on the other hand, marks the first time Samsung has added an “affordable” model to its flagship Samsung Galaxy S lineup, as it follows in the footsteps of Apple’s iPhone XR.

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Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy S10 5G during its 20 February Unpacked event, but this won’t be available until June.

We’ve rounded up everything we know about Samsung’s 10th-anniversary smartphone lineup below.

Release date
The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e can be pre-ordered now, with shipping scheduled to begin on 7 March.

Samsung’s souped-up Galaxy S10+ “ultimate power edition”, which packs 12GB RAM and 1TB storage, will begin shipping later in the month.

Over at the Samsung website, the Galaxy S10 is available 128GB or 512GB storage for £799 and £999, while the S10+ is priced at £899, £1,099 and £1,399 for its 128GB, 512GB and 1TB variants. The “affordable” Galaxy S10e, which offers 128GB storage, is available from £699 SIM-free.

EE is offering Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be available from £49 and £49 per month, respectively, while the “budget” S10e will set you back £44 per month on an EE plan.

Over on the O2 website, the Galaxy S10 can be picked up form £46.20 per month, the S10+ from £48.70 per month and the S10e from £42.59 per month.

Sky Mobile has been quick to start taking pre-orders for all three of Samsung’s new phones; the Galaxy S10 can be picked up from £33 per month, the S10+ from £36 a month and the S10e from £27.

Tesco Mobile, which will start taking pre-orders on 5 March, has announced that it’ll offer the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10e from £32.75, £39.99 and £42.49 per month, respectively; all of these are 36-month contracts that come with 5GB monthly data.

Three is offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 from £29 on a £41 tariff, the S10+ from £45 per month and the S10e from £37 per month with the same £29 upfront fee.

Vodafone is flogging all three S10 models; the Galaxy S10 from £54 per month and £49 upfront, the S10+ from £58 per month with the same one-off fee, and the S10e from, er, £99 on a £46 per month tariff.

Virgin Mobile, which promptly began taking orders, is flogging the Galaxy S10 from £34 per month, the S10+ from £37 per month and the S10e from a modest £29 per month.

Latest news
JerryRigEverything, fresh from shaming the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner, has pulled Samsung’s flagship apart on video (below).

While the handset’s the glass back was pried off without any borkage, things under the hood aren’t so straightforward. The teardown reveals that, for the first time, Samsung has decided to permanently solder the USB-C port to the motherboard – which means what was a cheap repair will now require a replacement motherboard.

The handset’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is another repairability nightmare; JerryRigEverything reveals that it’s inaccessible without removing the screen, a process that will almost always result in breakage.

5/3/19: Some buyers of the Galaxy S10 have started to receive their devices early, according to a mega-thread on Reddit. While the S10, S10+ and S10e were pegged to officially start shipping on 8 March, some – mainly those based in the US – are reporting that their device is already on its way and is scheduled to arrive before the official release date.

4/3/19: The Galaxy S10 hasn’t made its way onto shelves yet, but it has made it into the hands of Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything who has put the smartphone through a series of endurance tests.

While as with previous Galaxy flagships, the S10 showed no sign of kinking or creaking during Nelson’s attempts to bend the phone in half, nor did its screen succumb to a lighter’s flame, the in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner didn’t fare so well.

While the screen-embedded sensor continued to function after heavy scratching, the tests show that any cracks in the Galaxy S10’s screen will cause the scanner to go to Borksville.

29/2/18: Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will come with plastic screen protectors pre-installed. There’s a good reason for this too, as Sammy notes that some third-party, glass-based alternatives might not play nice with the handsets’ ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

However, the firm adds that “Samsung-approved” third party screen protectors will be available to buy at launch.

28/2/18: The first Galaxy S10+ benchmarks are in and show that, as has been the case for the past few years, the Snapdragon-powered models trump their Exynos siblings performance-wise.

According to AnandTech, which got its mitts on both Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 variants of the Galaxy S10+, Samsung’s homegrown chip shows significant improvements over last year’s Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 but falls short of Qualcomm’s latest and greatest.

In terms of video editing using the PCMark Work 2.0 benchmark, the Snapdragon variant scored 6,545 points versus the Exynos which scored 5,596; that’s even worse than the scored earned by the near three-year-old Pixel XL.

The gap is even wider when it comes to photo editing; the Snapdragon 855 model scored 17,492, compared to Exynos model’s lacklustre 11,412.

27/2/18: Samsung has confirmed at MWC that its Galaxy S10 lineup will ship with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Dubbed ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’, the cold storage wallet lets users store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and beauty-related cryptocurrency called Cosmo Coin.

The S10 phones, like Huawei’s Exodus 1, also support decentralised apps, or ‘dApps’. A blockchain-powered beauty app called ‘Cosemee’, for example, will reward users with Cosmo Coin for leaving beauty reviews.

20/2/18: Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e, and you can read all about it here.

20/2/18: Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy S10 range later today, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks coming. The latest comes courtesy of a TV channel in Norway, which accidentally aired a 30-second advert for the incoming the Galaxy S10+ (below), in turn confirming its major features; an Infinity-O display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, triple rear camera and reverse wireless charging.

18/2/19: We’re just days away from the official launch of the Galaxy S10+, but thanks to tipster Evan Blass, we know how much it’s likely to cost. Blass shared Chinese pricing details for Samsung’s super-sized model over the weekend, revealing that the top-end model with 1TB storage and 12GB RAM will retail for  ¥10,000 (around £1,150). It’ll also be available in with 8GB RAM and 512GB storage, which will set you back of storage for ¥9,000 (around £1,030).

15/2/19: Samsung’s plus-sized Galaxy S10 has appeared in a hands-on video, just days ahead of its official launch. The minute-long clip (below), which comes courtesy of Mobile Fun, shows off the handset’s Infinity-O display complete with dual front-facing camera and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It doesn’t offer a glimpse at the back of the phone, but the S10+ is expected to pack a triple-lens camera setup on its rear.

14/2/19: Samsung has prematurely published its Galaxy S10 pre-order page in the US, confirming that you’ll be able to buy one straight after next week’s announcement.

The website is letting buyers register their interest the handset already, and also confirms that devices will “ship by March 8th”; that unlikely includes the Galaxy S10+ with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage, which is expected to launch later in the month.

Samsung is also offering buyers up to $550 off a Galaxy S10 if they trade in an eligible device; a Note 9, for example, will get you the maximum amount, while a Galaxy S7 will bag you a $150 discount.

13/2/19: Here’s hoping you’re not one for surprises, as the Galaxy S10’s full specs have been outed just days ahead of its official unveiling. The mega-leak comes courtesy of GSMArena, who received the info via a source in Samsung’s “retail channel”, and confirms the S10 will feature a 4K selfie-cam, super slow-mo video support and Samsung’s Exynos 9820chipsett.

If legit, the leaked specs sheets also confirm that the S10, S10+ and S10e will pack 6.1in, 6.3in and  5.8in QHD+ screen respectively, all of which will adopt a ‘punch-hole’ cutout, and 3,400mAh, 4,100mAh and 3,100mAh batteries. It also reveals thet the S10 and S10+ will feature in-display fingerprint scanners, while the S10e will feature a side-mounted sensor.

11/2/19: Samsung’s “limited edition” Galaxy S10+ with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage will be available on 15 March, according to a hastily-published pre-order page from Samsung Philippines. Other S10 models, including the ‘affordable’ S10e and a more modestly-specced S10+, are expected to become available on 8 March.

8/2/19: The Galaxy S10 looks set to ship with wireless earbuds called Galaxy Buds, according to a legit-looking image shared by WinFuture. The picture shows the Apple AirPod look-a-likes sitting in a case that’s resting on the back of a Galaxy S10+, all but confirming the handset’s support for reverse wireless charging. The leak doesn’t tell us much else about the Buds, but they’re expected to cost €149 (around £130).

6/2/19: A new leak courtesy of Eval Blass (below) has exposed the backside of the ‘pearl white’ Galaxy S10 model. As well as confirming the snowy colour option, the leak also shows off the handset’s protruding rear-mounted camera, which appears to pack three lenses coupled with a flash.

5/2/19: The Galaxy S10 could be one of the first devices to support WiFi 6, according to FCC filings spotted by Droid-Life. This all-but-confirms that Samsung’s smartphone trio will make use fo WiFi 6-ready Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, and should mean the S10, S10+ and S10e will offer support for faster, more efficient WiFi connectivity. However, you’ll need a WiFi 6 router to take advantage of this.

4/2/19: With just two week’s to go until from the official launch of the Galaxy S10, a major leak has revealed the lineup’s full specs and pricing details.

The leak, which comes courtesy of Twitter user @ishanagarwal24 and MySmartPrice, claims the S10 lineup will comprise of the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+, the latter of which could pack a hefty 12GB RAM and 1TB storage. This configuration will cost you though, with its price-tag pinned at €1,499.

According to the leak, the S10 will be made available in 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 512GB configurations, priced at €899 and €1149 respectively. The S10e, long referred to as the S10 lite, will pack 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and carry a €749 price-tag, according to the leak.

The line-ups colour options are also outed; the S10e will be available in yellow, black, green and white (with a blue version launching “later”), the S10 and S10+ in black, green, white and blue. The pricey 12GB + 1TB variant will reportedly be offered in ‘Ceramic Black’ and ‘Ceramic White’ variants.

1/2/19: An official-looking render of the Galaxy S10+ has left little to the imagination, confirming the handset’s elongated punch-hole cutout and triple-lens rear camera setup. The image (below), via 91Mobiles’s “reliable source”, also shows no sign of a physical fingerprint sensor, yet more concrete evidence that the handset will adopt an in-display sensor.

31/1/19: The 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 won’t be ready to ship at launch, Korean website The Investor reports.

A supplier told the firm that mass production of the Galaxy S10 began on 25 January, but this only includes 4G models, rather than those running on 5G networks. Instead, the report claims, production of the 5G Galaxy S10 variant will begin “later during the first half of 2019”.

The report also that all S10 models will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor – debunking earlier speculation that the cheaper ‘S10 Lite’ would feature a side-mounted sensor.

“All three S10 smartphones will house a fingerprint sensor beneath the screen allowing users to identify themselves in a more convenient manner than before,” the source said.

Elsewhere, the report backs up earlier rumours that the S10 lineup will feature triple-lens cameras, pre-installed screen protectors and up to 1TB storage.

29/1/19: Samsung has long been accused of copying Apple, but now it looks like it’s turning its attention to Huawei with plans to equip the Galaxy S10 with reverse wireless charging. Backing up an earlier prediction from serial leaker Evan Blass, TechTastic reports that all four S10 models will offer the feature, dubbed ‘Powershare’, which will allow users to charge other gadgets through direct back-to-back contact with the smartphone.

23/1/19: Italian website Android Tutto has revealed pricing details for Samsung’s incoming Galaxy S10 lineup. According to the website, the lowest-spec model – the Galaxy S10E – will retail for €779 (£680), and will come in a single variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage.

The regular S10 will fetch €929 (£810) for the 6GB/128GB model, and €1179 (£1,030) for the 8GB/512GB variant. And the same storage configurations for the S10+ will cost €1049 (£920) and €1299 (£1135) respectively.

Samsung’s highest-spec S10 model – the S10 Plus with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage –  will reportedly cost an eye-watering €1599 (£1,400).

This matches up, almost perfectly, with an earlier leak from Gizmodo UK, which claimed the S10E would cost £699, the S10 from £799 to £990, and the S10+ from £899 to a wallet-busting £1,399.

22/1/19: With just weeks to go until Samsung’s official unveiling, the Galaxy S10 lineup has leaked in full. Serial tipster Evan Blass posted an image of the smartphone trio (below), which he claims will be officially known as the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10E – the latter likely a reference to Samsung’s long-rumoured ‘Lite’ mode.

The official-looking image, which shows off cases from accessory maker Speck, appear to confirm the handsets’ ‘Infinity-O’ displays, with the S10 and S10E sporting a single punch hole, and the S10 Plus a larger, elongated cutout to house its dual front-facing cameras.

21/1/19: We’ve already seen the Snapdragon-powered S10+ crop up on Geekbench (below), and now Samsung’s UK-bound Exynos-powered Galaxy S10 has made an appearance.

The handset in question is running Samsung’s homegrown Exynos 9820 SoC paired with 6GB RAM, and it’s a similar story to before. While it outstrips the Snapdragon 855 variant with a score 4382 compared with a score of 3413 both fall short of the single-core performance of the A12 Bionic-powered iPhone XS line, which racks up a score of 4797.

When it comes to multi-core performance, the Galaxy S10 scored 9,570, lagging behind Huawei’s Kirin-powered Mate 20 series.

17/1/19: We’re still more than a month away from Samsung’s Unpacked event, but the leaky Galaxy S10+ has already been pictured in the wild. The image (below), shared on Reddit, confirms that this S10 model will feature a dual selfie camera, which will be tucked into an elongated punch-hole on the upper right corner of the display.

The poster of the spy shot, which was allegedly taken on the bus from/to the Samsung’s Suwon campus, claims the pre-production device also features an in-display fingerprint scanner and a smaller footprint than the similarly-sized Galaxy Note 9.

6/1/19: The Galaxy S10+ has made a premature appearance on Geekbench ahead of its unveiling on 20 February. The handset, which features the model number SM-G975U, will pair a Snapdragon 855 SoC with 6GB RAM, according to the listing, contradicting earlier rumours that the smartphone could ship with as much as 10GB or 12GB RAM. Or, it could be that only the lowest-spec, base model was given an early testing.

The alleged Galaxy S10 Plus earned itself a single-core score of 3,413 – falling slightly short of Samsung’s own Samsung’s Exynos 9810, and a multi-core score of 10,256 which trumps Huawei’s  Kirin 980 CPU. However, the handset tested was likely a unit with non-final testing, so we wouldn’t read too much into these numbers just yet.

15/1/19: The Galaxy S10 X will be Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, according to ET News.  As well as support for 5G connectivity, the report claims the 10th-anniversary handset will pack a 6.7in Super AMOLED screen, six cameras, 1TB of internal storage and a mammoth 5,000mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 X’s “secret weapon” will be its a “life pattern” mode, according to ET News, an AI management system to automate various functions.

The Galaxy S10 X will reportedly make its debut in Korea on 29 March and could fetch as much as £1,299. It’s unclear whether this model will be released in the UK.

14/1/19: The latest Galaxy S10 leak comes courtesy of, er, Samsung, who accidentally shared images (below) of the Galaxy S10 in an article about its new One UI. Spotted by Reddit user qgtx, the article – which has since been updated – originally showed a phone with a punch-hole camera in the top right corner, a feature set to debut on the incoming Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

10/1/19: Samsung has disrupted CES to announce an Unpacked launch event for 20 February, where it’s widely expected to unveil the Galaxy S10. The firm will skip MWC and instead be holding events in both London and San Francisco, and while it’s keeping tight-lipped on what we can expect, but promises to show off “devices that will “usher in new Galaxy experiences based on 10 years of innovations.”

9/1/19: UK mobile operator EE has confirmed that it’ll soon start offering the Galaxy S10, opening pre-registration for the smartphone that’s expected to be announced at MWC next month. On its website, the company teases: “Big news! The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world. We can’t say much more at the moment, but it’s safe to say you can start getting excited.”

7/1/19: Samsung confirmed that it’s first 5G smartphone will be coming in the first half of 2019 during its CES press conference on Monday, likely a nod to the heavily-rumoured 5G variant of the Galaxy S10. No further details were revealed, but US carrier Sprint also confirmed that it’ll be offering a 5G-enabled Samsung device later this year.

4/1/19: The Galaxy S10 will follow the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in offering reverse wireless charging support. So says notorious tipster Even Blass, who tweeted that Samsung’s incoming flagship will allow users “to wirelessly charge other compatible devices like handsets and watches” by placing them on the handset’s chassis.

Blass also shared an image of the Galaxy S10 (above), and while the blurry image doesn’t show us much, it confirms the handset’s bezel-free front with Infinity-O display.

3/1/19: Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ might give the Note 9 a run for its money in terms of screen size, according to a new video shared by Ice Universe.

The video shows an alleged S10+, Note 9 and Oppo Find X being squeezed into a case designed for Samsung’s incoming flagship. While the Note 9 is significantly too large, the S10+ is expected to offer the same 6.4in screen surrounded by smaller bezels. The Find X fits into the case snuggly, suggesting the dimensions of the S10+ will be similar to those of the 6.2in S9+.

The video doesn’t tell us much else we don’t already know about Samsung’s 2019 flagship, bur does appear to confirm that it will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

2/1/19: The so-called Galaxy S10 Lite has been shown off in a high-quality render, courtesy of tipster Ice Universe (below).

The leak confirms that the handset, which is expected to be the cheapest in the S10 lineup, will sport a near bezel-free display, complete with a small cutout for the front-facing camera, making use of Samsung’s ‘Infinity-O’ display. The image also reveals that the S10 Lite’s volume rockers are situated on the left edge of the device and the USB Type-C port sits on the bottom edge, alongside the speaker grille and the 3.5mm audio jack.

21/12/18: UK retailer Mobile Fun has started flogging cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup, which it claims will comprise of the S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Edge, with the firm set to revive the ‘Edge’ monitor which it hasn’t used since the Galaxy S8.

The retailer also claims that all S10 handsets will ship with a screen protector installed as standard, and says the handsets will be available in a number of colours, including Berry Pink, Yellow and Green.

19/12/18: The Galaxy S10 might have just suffered its first in-the-wild leak, after allegedly being sighted on a South Korean subway. The device was spotted by Twitter user inss0317 and first reported by WCCFtech, which asserts that the leaked image (below) shows off the S10 with its barely-there top and bottom bezels and its in-screen camera located in the top right corner.

17/12/18: UK retailer MobileFun has prematurely showcased its range of Galaxy S10 accessories, adding weight to rumours that the flagship could offer a triple-lens camera setup. The cases (below), made by Olixar, show that the S10 will look somewhat similar to its Note 9 sibling with its bulky dimensions and horizontal camera array. However, they also appear to show an additional camera lens, adding credibility to recent leaks that pointed to standard/wide/tele camera setup for the Galaxy S10.

14/12/18: The latest Android Pie beta has added weight to rumours that the Galaxy S10 will boast an ‘ultra-wide’ camera. As reported by SamMobile, the beta includes a toggle switch in the camera settings that will see ultra-wide images are saved without distortion. However, the report notes that this lens correction feature may just be for the A7 (2018) and A9 (2018), and Samsung has yet to comment.

12/12/18: Gizmodo, citing a source at a “major tech retailer”, has revealed Samsung’s Galaxy S10 launch plans.

Three models – the regular S10, a Plus model and a cheaper ‘flat” model – will launch ahead of next year’s Mobile World Congress at an Unpacked event on 20 February, according to the report. The phone will be available for preorder from that date, and will then be released on 8 March.

Gizmodo also has the skinny know how much the device will cost; the so-called ‘budget’ model will offer 12GB storage and retail for £699, the regular S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £799 and £999, respectively, and the S10 Plus will offer 128GB, 512GB and 1TB variants priced at £899, £1,099 and an eye-watering £1,399.

There’s not much info on the rumoured 5G variant, but Gizmodo notes that 5G services won’t be available on the S10 at launch, with its source claiming that they won’t arrive until “late Q2 at the earliest.”

10/12/18: An alleged prototype of the Galaxy S10 Plus has surfaced offline, suggesting that it could adopt a corner notch. Posted by SlashLeaks (below), the image suggests that rather than an Honor View 20-esque cutout, the flagship could adopt a chunky notch in the top right corner to house what looks like a dual camera setup.

Evleaks doesn’t agree, however, as he posted images over the weekend that depict three Galaxy S10 models with centrally-placed ‘punch-hole’ cutouts.

5/12/18: A mega-leak courtesy of 91Mobiles and OnLeaks has given us a full rundown of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Leaked renders of the flagship show off the handset’s near bezel-less screen, quad camera setup and Samsung’s front-facing camera cutout, which looks set to house two front-facing cameras to facilitate the firm’s improved face recognition technology.

91Mobiles also ‘confirms’ that the S10 Plus will pack a 6.4-inch dual-curved edge AMOLED display, an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner similar to that seen on the OnePlus 6T, and a 3.5mm headphone jack alongside its USB-C port. The handset will measure in at 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm, according to the leak, but will bulk-out to 9mm thanks to its protruding rear camera setup.

3/12/18: At least one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could pack a whopping 12GB RAM.

That’s according to a report from Hong Kong’s GF Securities, which claims that Samsung’s incoming flagship will be the first to pack 12GB RAM; more than the 10GB RAM set to be stuffed inside the McLaren edition OnePlus 6T.

The same report claims that Samsung will increase internal storage to 1TB; the kind of spec you’ll usually find on a high-end laptop.

GF Securities doesn’t tell us much else we don’t already know but notes that the Galaxy S10 will be available in white, black, yellow and green versions, some of which will be Huawei-a-like gradients.

30/11/18: The Galaxy S10+ has been spotted on AnTuTu, packing Samsung’s newly-announced Exynos 9820 processor.

Shown-off earlier this month, Samsung’s next-gen Exynos SoC is its first to come with a neural processing engine (NPU) onboard, which means AI-centric tasks can be carried out on the chip itself. The firm also boasted that the processor will offer a 20 per cent boost in single-core performance compared to its predecessor, and a 40 per cent improvement in power efficiency.

At the time, Samsung didn’t say when we’d first be seeing its Exyos 9820 in the wild, but a new benchmark result from AnTuTu suggests it’ll be making its debut inside the Galaxy S10.

The benchmark, shared by Ice Universe (below), is allegedly for the Exynos-powered version of the Galaxy S10+ kitted-out with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage. The device scored a respectable 325,076 on the benchmarking platform, trumping the Huawei P20 Pro’s score of 273,295 but failing to match the iPhone XS, which tops AnTuTu’s rankings with a score of 352,405.


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