Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: A Remarkable SmartWatch…

Galaxy Watch 3 is described by Samsung as a next-generation companion for managing your routines, smashing your fitness goals and taking ownership over your health, whilst sporting Samsung’s most expansive health suite yet.

Welcome to this device review on the Galaxy Watch 3, this is Shallywillz for TechCity, let’s get right into it. I have here a 41mm model on gorilla glass with a stainless-steel finish and 20mm premium leather strap in mystic black.

As well as a 45mm model with a 22mm strap for people who may prefer a bigger size. Could not be me though. As a matter of fact, the 41mm model feels a little heavy for my wrist size and girth at 48g even though it feels comfortable.

More so, with ten notches on its leather strap for just about any girth, the device is making a statement that wrist sizes matter.


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