Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung’s newest smartwatch released in late 2019. The Watch Active 2 is round with a slim, light and convincingly traditional watch look. It’s available in 40mm and 44mm sizes in your choice of aluminum with Bluetooth + WiFi and stainless steel with added 4G LTE. Both models have OLED displays and can make phone calls, track myriad fitness activities, track heart rate and handle the usual notifications, messaging and other smart features. The watch runs Tizen OS 4.0 on a dual core Exynos CPU and it has 4GB storage and supports wireless charging. With a $279 starting price, it’s less expensive than the competing Apple Watch 5 and is a compelling alternative to WearOS (aka Android Wear) watches. It’s compatible with Android phones and the iPhone.


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